Anniversary Club Picnic

There was a decent turnout for the picnic. As organiser, Stan had a few people reminiscing about the good old days of marking your own map from master maps. The sun mostly shone and there was plenty of food. Our position just below the Sun Pavilion was handy for nearly appearing in the photos of the wedding taking place there, but sadly none of the guests had a go. A few curious passers by asked what we were up to.

After Stan applied his rigourously-tested handicap system Ruth Ker ran out winner in the Old Hands category, with daughter Tamsin leading the Rising Stars and two Islas winning the Keen Starters category. Ruth and Tamsin win the fabulous prize of the responsibility to organise the picnic next year!

1= Isla Reid 23.00
1= Isla Goldson 23.00

1. Tamsin Ker 15.50
2. Lois Parker 16.55
3. Ewan Reid 17.55
4. Christine Hayes 40.19

OLD HANDS (adjusted showing handicap applied)
1. Ruth Ker 18.20 (-5.00)
2. Nathan Parker 19.10
3. Graham Ramsden 19.22 (-3.00)
4. Allen Banister 21.40 (-5.00)
5. Jemima Parker 23.18 (-8.00 +5.00 mp)
6. Chris Dicken 23.40 (-5.00)
7. Mike Cope 26.38 (-8.00)
8. Tim Moon 31.14 (-8.00)
9. Jeremy Walford 35.32 (-3.00)
10. Arthur Clarke 37.07 (-8.00)