Harrogate Schools League

Well done to all the 61 Juniors (and parents) who took part in our first Juniors Saturday season. The winners are listed by age class below. The scores are calculated for each event by awarding the first runner in each category (eg Year 6/7 Boys) 100 points, the next 99 and so on. Then for the League the best 3 event results are totalled for each individual, to give their league total. In the event of a tie, the winner is the one with the fastest average speed (mins per km).

There was some very competitive running and a lot of improvement from those who came to several events. First time orienteers deserve a special mention, especially as some of you have won your age class. A total of 18 schools were represented. Congratulations to Oatlands Juniors who won the primary category and to St Aidan’s Church of England High School for being the highest scoring secondary school.

The prize giving will take place at the CLARO club annual picnic on Sunday 12th June at 12pm at Pannal Recreation Ground (Crimple Meadows). Everyone is welcome. There will be some short orienteering courses including some suitable for Juniors and other fun activities.  Bring something to sit on, something to eat and something to share.

It was good to have a few parents joining to get a run in and try out orienteering for themselves, and great to have many others shadowing younger runners to build up their confidence. Perhaps more parents will get to take part next year!

After our sixth and final event in the Valley Gardens on Saturday we can now declare the results for the whole League. Oatlands and St Aidan’s had strong teams and were able to tot up good scores over all six events. scores. Well done to the 18 schools represented, particularly to Aspin Park, Meadowside, Darley and King James who all clocked good scores.

The winners are:

Class Name School
B4 Oliver McAllister Darley
B5 Oliver Ellul Pannal
B6 Ewan Reid Oatlands
B7 Luke Fry St Aidans
B9 William Wallace St Aidans
B10 Matthew Rochester King James
G4 Isla Reid Oatlands
G5 Anna Rosie Aspin Park
G6 Eve Whitaker Oatlands
G7 Alexis Whitaker Harrogate Grammar
G8 Lois Parker St Aidans
Parent Stephen Fry


Club Picnic 2016

Many of you will be eagerly awaiting the announcement of details for the club picnic for 2016. Newer members might not know the tradition of holding a low key event as part of the annual picnic, which is officially the “Club Championship”.  As last year’s winner, Ruth Ker is organising.  Details are here and will be updated as they develop.