Richard Kirk asks:

  • Would you like to be a little fitter?
  • Do you want to tackle that last control with zest instead of on your knees?
  • Do you fancy being able to gallop uphill rather than stagger?
  • Do you want work off some summer fat and get into the new season with some bounce?

….THEN try his free Fitness Session:

Saturday 30 September 2017 from 2.00pm – 3.30pm

Location:         Jacob Smith Park, Scriven Road, Knaresborough.  Meet just inside the Park entrance (SE348581) – opposite Park Grove.

The session will be for 90 minutes and will comprise:

  • Some dynamic stretching. Learn how to do the carioca!  Do some silly walks!
  • A run uphill and ……….. more runs uphill.
  • The interval quickstep.
  • Unwind with some stretching exercises – try out a stretch of your iliotibial band or your quads, or just hug your knees.

Terrain:         Exercises will be exclusively on soft grass.  We will be using a cleared area and various paths.  We will not be in the overgrown areas.  Jacob Smith is great place for a quiet run over pleasantly undulating terrain.

Equipment:    You need what you would normally wear to run on open terrain.  Shorts will be OK, but have a track suit or equivalent with you to help control your cooling down.  Bring a waterproof in case of wet weather.  Do not forget to pack some drinks for re-hydration and maybe even a snack bar.

In the unlikely event of the need to cancel e.g. really bad weather there will be a notice here, so please check the website before coming along on the day.

This session is for EVERYONE whatever your age or level of fitness. Whether you have never even tried to run for a bus or are able to overtake it, I will have an exercise programme tailored for you.

See you there!


Claro 2016/17 Club League Results

Following the Killinghall Moor event last Wednesday, the club league is now complete. We had 54 club members participate so check out the summary to see who our new champion is!
As a reminder, there were 7 qualifying events, and the best 5 were used to work out who won using the handicap rules.