Autumn Street-O 3 Nov 15

Another successful “LampO” this week, ably planned by Susan Birtwistle on a somewhat foggy night in Jennyfields. The results are here.

Susan’s Comments:  Fortunately it was not too foggy for Lamp O at Jennyfield and it was a ‘dry’ night.Thank you to all who travelled to our event.

When planning the control locations I had been keen to give those who like a good run out, a challenge and I achieved that. Though the start near the Old Spring Well roundabout meant people travelled down hill into the area it also meant they had a significant uphill climb back to the finish -this caught the majority out and just 3 people finished within the time limit. It also meant no one managed to visit all controls though Richard Foster made a jolly good effort. All controls except number 27 , an uphill climb to on Kent Road , were visited and where there was a consensus as to the correct number, as opposed to my record – I have gone with that. Well done Zoe, Luke and Dad who chose to run a long way to collect their numbers.