Autumn StreetO 20 Oct 15

Well done to Linda for tonight’s StreetO in central Harrogate. The results are here.

Linda’s comments:

Thank you to everyone for coming. It was a beautiful evening to catch before the clocks go back. Every control was visited at least once but no-one got them all. From post-race discussions it sounded like there were some sneaky goings on invesigating some potential alleys. I think it must have been the influence of the slightly spooky customers who joined us in the pub for a drink after the event. (It is only a few days until Halloween!)

My phone’s stop-watch was playing up so I hope I got the times correct. If anyone wants to dispute their time let me know. I’m open to persuasion! We look forward to seeing you all again in two weeks time at Jennyfields planned by Susan Birtwistle.