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British Orienteering celebrates 50 years!

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of the British Orienteering Federation. On the 17 June this year it is exactly 50 years since the British Orienteering Federation came into being. The inaugural meeting was held at 7.30 p.m. on 17 June 1967 in Barnard Castle, and the first British Orienteering Championships were held in Hamsterley Forest, Co. Durham the following day.

There is a programme of activities planned to celebrate this special milestone. There is a special Golden Jubilee anniversary edition of Focus membership magazine which marks the occasion and progression of the sport over the 50 years. We have already enjoyed a celebratory cake and a display for members at the Annual General Meeting on 14 April at Brunel University in Uxbridge, London. A Golden Jubilee anniversary film focusing on the past, the present and the future of the sport will be launched on the British Orienteering website on the actual 50th anniversary date – this Saturday!

On Wednesday evening this week we were delighted to welcome Mike Bushell BBC One Breakfast Sports Presenter to a South East Lancashire Orienteering Club at Media City, Salford, Manchester. Mike took part in the orienteering event at Media City which was planned as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations to showcase our sport of orienteering. The filming is due to be shown on BBC One Breakfast Show this Saturday (17 June 2017) from 6.30am through to 9.30am.

Mike Hamilton, Chief Executive of British Orienteering, says:

“2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the creation of British Orienteering and whilst we have few resources to ‘splash out’ on the celebrations we hope that all involved in orienteering in whatever capacity will be able to celebrate this achievement in some small ways – well done British Orienteering, you’ll soon be 50!”

The word “orienteering” – you think about running in the countryside probably lost with a compass and a map. Orienteering is not just for the super active or elite athletes. The whole family can take part. Orienteering is all about navigating the fastest way around a set course, which often involves running straight through the trees, climbing hills and crossing diches. It’s a great sport as courses are set in beautiful countryside, and there are always lots of people running about.

With the 50 year celebrations underway it is certainly a good time to take a closer look at the sport of orienteering. Most orienteering takes place in forests or moorland often in stunning scenery. However there are now several city-based orienteering courses too. There are many permanent orienteering courses installed around the country. These are listed online at – just click on ‘Go Orienteering’ for the details.

Junior League Winners Decided

Saturday saw the conclusion of the 2016/17 Claro Junior League with a popular event in Valley Gardens. There were 33 individual runs around the busy park, with some competitors having to negotiate hazards like a group of Morris Dancers.

Thanks are due to the league organiser, Jemima Parker, for all her hard work and Richard Kirk for his coaching effort as well as all the club volunteer planners and helpers.

This year’s winners are below. A special mention goes to Charlie Hobson, who was the only one to attend all 6 events. Prizes will be awarded at the annual Club Picnic event on Sat 1 July, also in Valley Gardens.

Winners 2016/17

M8- Charlie Hobson
M10 Rufus Maclean
M12 Luke Fry
M14 Owen Taylor
M16+ Matthew Rochester
W8- Isla Reid
W10 Jasmine Hobson
W14 Tamsin Ker
Primary School Oatlands
Secondary School King James


Update – Please Read

We have already received lots of orders for our new club jackets and are intending to send the order off next week so we have them for Christmas. This is now your last chance to order!
The jackets will be subsidised and the prices for the initial order are:

TRACE training jacket – Adult £15, Junior (U16) £10

RADIUS softshell jacket – Adult £40, Junior (U16) £35

There will be future orders, but prices may change as the club has to buy the jackets in Euros and there is considerable scope for exchange rate variation, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Full details are in the previous post together with a link to company’s sizing chart – essential reading as the jackets tend to come up small for the size!

Linda has sent out an e-mail to those people who have already ordered jackets to confirm sizes etc. If you have ordered a jacket and not received an email please let her know so she can check we have you on the list.

If you need any further info please drop Linda a line.

New Club Jackets

New club jackets can now be ordered from Linda. There are two designs – a thin running “training” jacket and a thicker softshell version. They will be made by Bryzos – previously known as Siven – who have supplied many events and clubs in the past.

The jackets will be subsidised and the prices for the initial order are below. There will be future orders, but prices may change as the club has to buy the jackets in Euros and there is considerable scope for exchange rate variation, so book early to avoid disappointment! The first order should be made in October to get the jackets before Christmas.

Sizing information is here. Linda has a sample Radius (M) and Trace (L) which you can try (not in the club colours).

TRACE training jacket – Adult £15, Junior (U16) £10


RADIUS softshell jacket – Adult £40, Junior (U16) £35


New Season begins

It’s time to kick off the new season after the traditional summer break. Plans are well under way and dates for the Junior League and Autumn Street O series will be announced shortly. The first CLARO event is just over 3 weeks away on Sunday 25th September at Harlow Hill. It is likely that the Club League will be changed this year as the current format is failing to attract many competitors. It will be discussed at the AGM, so if you want your say then please come along on Friday 23rd September. In the meantime, the What’s On list has been updated as far as Christmas with known events, so start putting some in your diary and dust off those O shoes.

Anniversary Club Picnic

There was a decent turnout for the picnic. As organiser, Stan had a few people reminiscing about the good old days of marking your own map from master maps. The sun mostly shone and there was plenty of food. Our position just below the Sun Pavilion was handy for nearly appearing in the photos of the wedding taking place there, but sadly none of the guests had a go. A few curious passers by asked what we were up to.

After Stan applied his rigourously-tested handicap system Ruth Ker ran out winner in the Old Hands category, with daughter Tamsin leading the Rising Stars and two Islas winning the Keen Starters category. Ruth and Tamsin win the fabulous prize of the responsibility to organise the picnic next year!

1= Isla Reid 23.00
1= Isla Goldson 23.00

1. Tamsin Ker 15.50
2. Lois Parker 16.55
3. Ewan Reid 17.55
4. Christine Hayes 40.19

OLD HANDS (adjusted showing handicap applied)
1. Ruth Ker 18.20 (-5.00)
2. Nathan Parker 19.10
3. Graham Ramsden 19.22 (-3.00)
4. Allen Banister 21.40 (-5.00)
5. Jemima Parker 23.18 (-8.00 +5.00 mp)
6. Chris Dicken 23.40 (-5.00)
7. Mike Cope 26.38 (-8.00)
8. Tim Moon 31.14 (-8.00)
9. Jeremy Walford 35.32 (-3.00)
10. Arthur Clarke 37.07 (-8.00)