CLARO Club Kit

CLARO Club kit currently includes :

As a small club it is impractical for us to hold a lot of stock. Instead we tend to collect orders and then periodically order what people want plus a little extra as stock, depending on the minimum order quantities. So if you want something you might be lucky if there is one of your size, or you might have a short wait. The exception is embroidered garments which can be ordered direct from the supplier at any time.

Prices for kit varies because various batches have been subsidised in the past and, as tops and jackets are ordered from Europe, can be subject to exchange rate fluctuations. If you are interested in something then contact Allen Banister first as he holds the current stock:

Orienteering Tops

Our orienteering tops are made by Trimtex in Norway. They are a striking, modern design and made specifically for orienteering. The centre panels are slightly thicker than the sides and the back has large mesh panels on either side. They are short sleeved with a short zip, although a long sleeve version is also possible by request.

Trimtex O top – front

Trimtex O top – back

Trimtex O top – sleeve detail

Trimtex O top – front material

Trimtex O top – back mesh

Trimtex O tops – size guide – also on the Trimtex website

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Training Jackets

The club training jackets are supplied by Bryzos (formerly Siven). They are thin, synthetic material with a shiny feel, a full zip, two generous zip pockets, an adjustable hem and lycra type cuffs with a thumb hole. The design is based on their Trace Jacket. They are more windproof than waterproof, but will cope with a light shower.

Training Jacket – front

Training Jacket – back

Training Jacket – cuff detail

Training Jacket – back vent

Training Jacket – adjustable hem

Training Jacket – pockets

Training Jacket – Size Guide also on the Bryzos website

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Softshell Jacket

The club softshell jackets are also supplied by Bryzos (formerly Siven). They are made from a thicker warm material which is smooth on the outside and has a fleece feel to the inside. They feature a full zip, two generous zipped pockets, an adjustable hem and lycra type cuffs with a thumb hole. The design is based on their Radius Jacket and uses the same size guide as the Training Jacket above.

Softshell Jacket – front

Softshell Jacket – back

Softshell Jacket – collar detail

Softshell Jacket – cuffs

Softshell Jacket – pockets

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Embroidered Garments

In addition to technical clothing, the club has an arrangement with Emblazon in Harrogate (37-39 Tower St, HG1 1HS) to embroider any suitable garment with the club logo. You can take your own garment or select from the extensive range they supply. For these items you can go directly to the shop and order what you want.

Embroidered fleece – detail