Claro Junior Series 2021-22

Claro run a series of Junior Orienteering Events on Saturday afternoons through the school year, the dates for the current year can be found below, and on the Claro Events page.
This series of events provides an opportunity for young people, children and novice adults to try out orienteering in safe, easy to access locations. Coaches are on hand to help you get started and improve your skills.

2021-2022 Junior Orienteering Events

Saturday  13th November  21


Starts 2-3pm

Jacob Smith Park    Register here


Scriven Road, Knaresborough HG5 9EG


Saturday 15th January  22


Starts 2-3pm

Hornbeam Park/ Bathingwell woods


Indulge Deli Bar HG2 8QT

Saturday 5th March 22


Starts 2-3pm



Harlow Moor Road HG2 0QB

Saturday 2nd April 22



St Aidan’s High School (TBC)


Oatlands Dr, Harrogate HG2 8JR

Sat 21 May 22


Starts 2-3pm

Conyngham Hall


Riverside carpark HG5 9AX

Sat 9th July 22


Start 2.30pm. Club Picnic

Valley Gardens


Magnesia Well Café, Valley Drive HG2 0JW


Please register on line on the link for each event. Some entry on the day may be possible, but we cannot always guarantee there will be enough maps for your chosen course.

Getting Started

When you arrive you will receive a “Dibber”, an electronic timing chip and, if you are new to orienteering, the opportunity to look at the map before you start. A Claro coach will be on hand to assist you at the start. Participants then walk to the start (which will be nearby) receive the map for their course and start at intervals in their own time. You can start at any time between 2-3pm. Courses will close at 4pm.


Children £3. Adults £4. Claro members (1.50/£2) Second runs £1.


Orienteering courses are graded by colour. Below are the age appropriate courses that you should enter. However, if you are new to orienteering we recommend you start with the easiest course until you are familiar with using the map and dibber. After you have run your course, you can if you wish run a second course for fun and to build your skills (but this will not be counted as competitive).

Course  Class
White M/W 8 or younger
Yellow M/W 10
Orange M/W 12
Light Green M/W 14

M = Men

W = Women

All children and young people can take part in the events; we also welcome parents and adults who would like to try out the sport.


Details of Previous Claro Junior events can be found here