CLARO News 19 Dec 17

Happy Christmas to all our Readers. May Santa bring you  compasses, gaiters, map holders, new running shoes  and some chocolate.

Last week at short notice Richard Kirk arranged a club Christmas meal at the So Bar in Harrogate, Allen Banister kindly provided an Orienteering puzzle.

The picture shows the Youth end of the table looking at the puzzle after it had been solved. Thanks to Richard for  arranging the meal and Allen for the harder than it looked puzzle.

Claro Top 11s

Claro results have been few and far between over the last 2 weeks. David Day was 4th at the Night Event at Beverley Westwood. Mike Cope was 11th on the Green at the Beverely Day event and braving the ice, Duncan Birtwistle was 11th on the blue at Cod Beck.  At the second Winter Trailquest Tim Evans was 3rd overall and 1st Vet.

Coming up

If you are aware of any events I have missed please drop me an e-mail at

Membership and JK2018

You may wonder why these are linked. In the November edition of the BOF e-news there was a reminder that your membership is due for renewal, please remember to renew as soon as possible,  the first price hike for JK 2018 was  the 17th December and I think you need to have renewed your membership to enter , you did in previous years, details are here . The next price hike is Sunday 28th Jan. Save yourselves £6 for the 3 entries by getting your entries in now.

Winter Blues 2018

Richard Kirk has now found 6  volunteers for planning the next series of event in the winter starting on January 10th  details are below and include a new location for what hopefully will be a delightful spring evening for the last of the series.

Date Venue Organiser
Wed 10 Jan 18 Ripon, Water Rat Allen Banister
Wed 24 Jan 18 S Harrogate Susan Birtwistle
Wed 7 Feb 18 Centre/N Harrogate Stephen Fry
Wed 21 Feb 18 Harrogate Ruth Ker
Wed 7 Mar 18 Knaresborough Rochester family
Wed 21 Mar 18 Pateley Bridge Stan Appleton

Know your symbols

At upcoming events you may start to see some new map symbols and new control descriptions.  Firstly, earlier this year a new specification for orienteering maps know as “ISOM 2017” was published, which replaces the previous “ISOM 2000” standard.  Most changes are minor and you may not even notice, but a few you will (such as the marking of boulders, platforms, rides and distinct vegetation features).  The full specification can be found here, but Berkshire Orienteers produced a much simpler comparison sheet to help you understand, see here. CLARO have already been updating our maps when we next use them for an event, and other clubs are expected to do likewise.  Note these changes only apply to forest/moorland maps.  Sprint/urban maps are unaffected (they have a different “ISSOM” standard).

Secondly, the IOF have also just published updated specifications for pictorial control descriptions, see here.  The changes you are most likely to notice are moving the “bend” symbol from column G to column F, and new symbols for “trench”, and “out of bounds area” (most likely used for a flower bed in an urban/sprint race – that is what the symbol depicts anyway!).  We will start using these as soon as Purple Pen supports them (the course planning software we use).