CLARO News 27 Dec

Happy New Year to all our Readers.

Hopefully Santa brought you all you wanted. At least 6 Claros braved the cold on Christmas day and ran in the Harrogate Christmas day park run. Next year’s fixtures list is starting to grow and we have a fixture clash on the 28th January; more details of this are below.

British Orienteering 2017 Incentive awards

Congratulations to all those Claro members who have received BO awards this year. Full details of the scheme are on the BO website here.

Alexander Robinson Racing Challenge: Gold Award ***** 07/12/2017
Racing Challenge: Silver Award ***** 20/11/2017
Eve Whitaker Racing Challenge: Silver Award *** 07/12/2017
Racing Challenge: Bronze Award *** 07/12/2017
Navigation Challenge *** 07/12/2017
Ewan Reid Racing Challenge: Bronze Award *** 29/03/2017
Navigation Challenge *** 29/03/2017
Helen Bowes Racing Challenge: Gold Award **** 03/04/2017
Jonathan Whitaker Racing Challenge: Gold Award ***** 07/12/2017
Katie Gray Racing Challenge: Bronze Award ***** 04/09/2017
Navigation Challenge ***** 04/09/2017
Lois Parker Racing Challenge: Gold Award *** 19/03/2017
Racing Challenge: Silver Award **** 01/05/2017
Peter While Navigation Challenge **** 29/03/2017
Susan Birtwistle Racing Challenge: Gold Award ***** 22/03/2017
Tamsin Ker Racing Challenge: Bronze Award **** 18/09/2017
Navigation Challenge **** 18/09/2017

Coming up

If you are aware of any events I have missed please drop me an e-mail at

Alistair Tinto Memorial

EPOC are hosting the YHOA Middle Distance Championships and a Superleague event on January 28 at Storthes Hall. It will also be a memorial event for Alistair Tinto. Many of you will have known Alistair and also know how much he did over many years for EPOC and YHOA. Obviously all are hoping that the event will be a popular and successful one when we can remember Alistair as well as enjoy our runs.
Unfortunately, there is now a clash with a nearby attractive event. DVO had to cancel a National event on Eyam Moor on 10 Dec and it has had to be rearranged as a Regional event on 28 January. DVO have considered moving it to another date, but they are very restricted and it has to stay on January 28. Pre-entries from 10 Dec have been transferred to the new date and there were many YHOA entries. With the date change and the clashing EPOC memorial event, DVO understand that some people will wish to cancel their entries and get a refund. This is possible up to Jan 2 though there will be small administration charge. Pre-entries to the DVO event should have received an email about this.
Obviously we hope that all YHOA members orienteering on that day will choose to go to the EPOC event. However, we do understand that those who already have an entry for the DVO event and/or find Eyam Moor an attractive alternative, may still wish to go to that event. The clash is unfortunate, but please understand that DVO and EPOC have tried to avoid it.
The EPOC event can be entered via Fabian4. It is cheaper than the DVO one, and nearer for most. Hopefully, there will also be awards at the event for the 2017 YHOA Superleague and Urban League.

CLARO Junior League Event January 27th 2018

The number of competitors at the Junior Events is normally between 10-20 and only requires a few helpers to run the events. However, we have been asked if we can accommodate a few army trainees so we will be asking for helpers for this event. More details to follow when they are finalised.

Membership and JK2018

You may wonder why these are linked. In the November edition of the BO e-news there was a reminder that your membership is due for renewal. Please remember to renew as soon as possible, the first price hike for JK 2018 was the 17th December and I think you need to have renewed your membership to enter; you did in previous years. Details are here . The next price hike is Sunday 28th Jan. Save yourselves £6 for the 3 entries by getting your entries in now.

Winter Blues 2018

Richard Kirk has now found 6 volunteers for planning the next series of event in the winter starting on January 10th details are below and include a new location for what hopefully will be a delightful spring evening for the last of the series.

 Date Venue  Organiser
Wed 10 Jan 18 Ripon, Water Rat Allen Banister
Wed 24 Jan 18 S Harrogate Susan Birtwistle
Wed 7 Feb 18 Centre/N Harrogate Stephen Fry
Wed 21 Feb 18 Harrogate Ruth Ker
Wed 7 Mar 18 Knaresborough Rochester family
Wed 21 Mar 18 Pateley Bridge Stan Appleton

Know your symbols

At upcoming events you may start to see some new map symbols and new control descriptions, see the warning on the Skipwith Common details. Firstly, earlier this year a new specification for orienteering maps know as “ISOM 2017” was published, which replaces the previous “ISOM 2000” standard. Most changes are minor and you may not even notice, but a few you will (such as the marking of boulders, platforms, rides and distinct vegetation features). The full specification can be found here, but Berkshire Orienteers produced a much simpler comparison sheet to help you understand, see here. CLARO have already been updating our maps when we next use them for an event, and other clubs are expected to do likewise. Note these changes only apply to forest/moorland maps. Sprint/urban maps are unaffected (they have a different “ISSOM” standard).

Secondly, the IOF have also just published updated specifications for pictorial control descriptions, see here. The changes you are most likely to notice are moving the “bend” symbol from column G to column F, and new symbols for “trench”, and “out of bounds area” (most likely used for a flower bed in an urban/sprint race – that is what the symbol depicts anyway!). We will start using these as soon as Purple Pen supports them (the course planning software we use).