Claro Weekly News

Claro Results

Claro runners were spread across the country this weekend.

In the London City races, Quentin Harding was 1st on Saturday and Sunday, Ruth Ker was 5th on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday. Davy Ker was 17th on Saturday pictured in action below.

In Anglesey Matthew Rochester was 24th on Saturday and Luke Parker 26th on Blue, on Sunday Luke was 29th but 6th M18 on Brown. Liz Potterton was 32nd on Saturday and 24th on Sunday on Green.

And last but not least up in The Lakes at Gallopen Mike Hind was 20th on Saturday and 26th on Sunday on Blue, Allen Barnes was 30th on Green and Jackie Barnes 16th on Light Green on the Sunday.

Coming up

If you are aware of any events I have missed please drop me an e-mail at

Club League

The club league has been updated and the winners can be seen here on the website. Allen Banister who currently compiles the results needs to step down so he can concentrate on the SI duties he has taken on for the club, so we need a volunteer to take on next years League, all the spreadsheets are set up for 2018/19 and the events chosen they just need populating after the events and lots of training will be given, please speak to Tim or Allen if you are interested.

Club AGM

This years club AGM will take place on Wednesday 17th October 2018. At the Kairos Church on Harlow Terrace starting at 7:30 , more details will follow shortly but put the date in your diaries

Harlow Hill Event 30th September

The next Club event that was due to be a YHOA superleague and championships at Angram is now just a regional event at Harlow Hill due to access problems at Angram. Mike Cope is organising and Graham Ramsden is Planning.

Full details are on the CLARO website. It has the usual timings, and courses are from White to Brown. Parking is in a proper car park at Central House off Otley Road. We were unable to park at RHS Harlow Carr because of a big event on there, which may be worth a visit afterwards. There is a walk to the start and from the finishes which are just off Crag Lane, but not too far.
There are two requests to CLARO members from me as organiser.
First, the event will have a timed out road crossing on Harlow Moor Road, where some courses will cross going towards Valley Gardens and coming back from them. This needs helpers to keep an eye on it. Also, there are two finishes which again means extra helpers. If you can help, and you are not in one of the regular helper teams, or you are not needed in your regular helper team, could you let me know, please? Include any preferences and whether you would like a late or an early run.
The second request is a bit more complicated. The Brown course will have 34 controls which means that split times are not recorded for the last 4 for those using an old style dibber. Competitors on the Brown course will be warned of this in the final details and at registration. They still get a proper finish time and so it is unlikely to worry many with an old dibber. It is also likely that most on the Brown course will have a newer dibber anyway. We are not going to offer newer dibbers to all as CLARO does not have any. However, if someone does ask at registration, I wondered if any CLAROs with newer dibbers would be prepared to let their dibber be borrowed. Perhaps CLARO members who are not competing, or who would be prepared to use a CLARO hire dibber if they are doing a shorter course,. Obviously, this would have to be on the understanding that any loss would have to be paid for at the cost of a replacement dibber – which may put some off.
If any CLARO member can help with either of these requests, please get in touch –
Mike Cope

Adult Coaching

The Orienteering Foundation are running an adult course on Saturday 10th November cost is a very reasonable £12 for individuals or £6 for groups. Richard is willing to run a group if there are enough takers. There is the option of the LOC event on Holme Fell on the Sunday. Details are here.