Claro Weekly News

Claro News                     28th February 2018

Claro Top 10s

Lots of top 10’s this week. At Bishopswood Luke Parker was 5th, Alex Robinson 7th and Matthew Rochester 10th on Brown. Ruth Ker was 1st woman and 4th, Will Drewe 7th , Liz Drewe 2nd woman and 8th and Adrian Parker 10th on Blue. Linda Kelly was 3rd on Light Green. Charlotte Drewe was 6th on White.

Meanwhile further North in border country  Susan Birtwistle was 9th on WSV Tim Evans was 8th on the MSV in the Roxburgh Reivers Melrose/Tweedbank double sprint.  The Melrose event went round the rugby pitch and the warning from the final details was Border rugby players are coached to run through, or over you, not round you!

Claro Event Guisecliff

Unfortunately it has become necessary to cancel the planned Regional Event at Guisecliff on Sunday 4 Mar 18 due to the prevailing weather conditions. The decision was made because it is considered that it would not be possible to run a fair or safe competition. Thanks to those officials who have already put in a lot of time and effort into this event.

Coming up

If you are aware of any events I have missed please drop me an e-mail at

Winter Blues 2018

Next event is this Wednesday  7th March Knaresborough Cricket Club, Crag Top, Aspin Lane, Knaresborough, HG5 8EP . Details are below and include a new location for what hopefully will be a delightful spring evening for the last of the series.

Date Venue  Organiser
Wed 7 Mar 18 Knaresborough Rochester family
Wed 21 Mar 18 Pateley Bridge Stan Appleton

YHOA Superleague

YHOA’s intrepid statistician ( Our own Vince) has been crunching the numbers and has update the league with the results from the 3rd event at Tankersley, these can be found here 

 JK2018    Relays

You have missed entries for the individual races , but it isn’t to late to e-mail Ruth for a relay entry.

Compass Sport Trophy

All club members should have had an e-mail from Mike Hind about the Compass Sport Trophy and the start times for the 25 Claros taking part.

 Meet Your Club Members  

A while back we started an occasional series about club members, where they could introduce themselves. Similar to the articles in Compass Sport. Here is the second in the series about Chris Dicken, the Controller for the Guiscliff event this weekend. I hope the next article in this series won’t be another 11 months  so if anyone would like to volunteer.

Looking at the new membership list I realised that there were quite a lot of names I didn’t know.  Last year Linda Kelly did a “who am I” for the newsletter so as I’m controlling Guisecliff I thought this would be a good time to do a few words for the newer members of the club. I did hope to meet you this weekend, but sadly that will now have to wait until it is rearranged. .

So Chris who are you ?
Well I no longer have an official role in the club, other than Grade B controller and organiser, but over the years I have managed to be secretary, membership secretary, newsletter editor, chairman and finally fixtures secretary.    I haven’t been treasurer, but there again I do that for our allotment association so one set of accounts is enough.  I was once YHOA chairman as well. I can usually be recognised by my yellow fluorescent hat.

How long have you been a member of Claro and why do you orienteer ?
This is year 25, joining a few years after Claro was formed – in the days before the internet, so finding out that there was a local club wasn’t that easy.  My first event was at Nutwith & Roomer, an area the club is returning to sometime soon, I think.  Always did cross country at school, then road running, but much prefer to be in the woods or out on the moors and combined with a love of maps what other sport could there be.  I still get a thrill arriving at a control site and seeing the kite.

We don’t seem to see you at many events
Unfortunately not now-a-days.  Mainly due to injuries (you name it I’ve had it in the last few years – currently Achilles letting me down) or one or two health issues – the real flu and eyesight problems. But once upon a time I did manage to get out most weekends.  And paradoxically since I retired I’ve had less time – there are too many things to fit into life, so something had to suffer.
I do get to most Claro events and most of my O life now seems to be either controlling or organising or taking on things like the JK 2016 Starts coordination and similarly for the 2019 BO long distance championships (volunteers will be needed ….).

Any special areas you like best ?
Most of my orienteering has been reasonably local – YH areas and a bit in the NE and a bit in the Lakes, but I’ve never travelled particularly far afield to orienteer.  I like the areas where you can run fast, rather than the slow extremely technical areas, though I quite like controlling or planning on more complex areas, so for example Brimham Rocks is good from that respect. Out on a Yorkshire or Lakeland fell is always great.

When not Orienteering
As noted above I’m retired now after a lifetime in the Electricity Supply Industry – computer control systems.  So many things to do; our allotment (plus being treasurer), garden, painting and drawing (plus chairman of the local club), walking, cycling, theatre, concerts, holidays, ‘children’ to visit, friends to see … the list just goes on and on.