Claro Weekly News

Claro Top 10s 

Claros were running all over the North of England this weekend, with some excellent results. At CLOK’s Acorn event Alex Robinson was 4th on Black, On Brown, Luke Parker was 1st, on Blue Will Drewe was 10th Man,  whilst on Green David Day was 2nd man and Jemima Parker was 7th lady.

On the other side of the country at SROCs Farleton Knotts event  Ruth Ker was  2nd lady on Blue, Liz Potterton was  9th lady on Green and Tamsin Ker was  1st lady on Light Green.


JK News  

Good luck to all those Claros making the trip to Cannock Chase this weekend for JK2018. For those who don’t know the JK is an annual orienteering festival held over the Easter weekend, the location moves around the country it was in Yorkshire in 2016. Full details of this year’s event are here.
A new website has been launched ‘‘ about the Great Britain Senior Orienteering squad. There is a lot to interest juniors in the blogs and training diaries.

Those attending especially the  juniors might also be interested to know that on day 1 of the JK,  Kris Jones (after his run) Cat Taylor and others (possibly Ali McLeod, Sasha, Megan and Will Gardner) have offered to do a fairly informal chat/Qand A with juniors in the gym at around 3.45/4.00 for about 20 minutes or so.

Coming up

If you are aware of any events I have missed please drop me an e-mail at

Winter Blues 2018

The last event of the series was in  Pateley Bridge last Wednesday. Stan Appleton had devised an excellent course and had to warn the runners of the importance of the brown lines on the map.  Even the locals found alleys they didn’t know about, hopefully we will be back there again soon.

Spring Flowers  2018

No sooner have the winter blues subsided that we start to think of the next series of events the Spring Flowers. These will be like last year with limited SI boxes. Dates have been announced and Richard has planners for all but the first event, so if anyone fancies doing some planning for the first time over their Easter Holidays this is an ideal opportunity.  We are also looking to have a meet up after each event, more details to follow.

1   18 April 18   Hookstone Woods, Harrogate                       Ruth Ker

2   2 May 18     Jacob Smith Park/NW Knaresborough          Mike Cope

3   16 May 18   Killinghall Moor, Harrogate                            Allen Banister

4   30 May 18   Conyngham Hall, Knaresborough                 Toby & Liz Rochester

5   13 June 18  Harlow Hill, Harrogate                                   Tim Evans

6   27 June 18  Brimham Rocks                                             Liz Potterton

Northern Championships

The Northern Champs is being hosted by EBOR in Wass Forest on 22 April.  There is a supporting Urban event hosted by HALO in Thirsk on the previous day 21 April.  Both are UKOL events.  Details can be found on EBOR and HALO websites.  Entries are via Fabian4.  Both organisers need more helpers and I hope that some CLARO members will be willing to offer some help.  If you are going to either or both events and you can help, prices for seniors with a helper discount code drop from £10 to £4 (Thirsk) and £17 to £10 (Wass).  For the Northern Champs, organiser Mike Ridealgh particularly needs helpers for the second shift – run first and help later.  Ken Hutson is the Thirsk organiser.  For the helper discount code and to let organisers know of your helping preferences, please contact them directly by email – and  The 3 CLARO members who have already entered can get a refund equivalent to the discount if they contact the organisers and are willing to help.  Please volunteer if you can.