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Claro News 6th August 2018

Claro Activity
Well done to those Claro’s who made the trip to the Lakes 5 days. In the words of one Claro Competitor. ‘You know how every day is hot and sunny this summer? Well, we sorted that out by going to the Lake District for our summer holidays! For an added challenge, we lowered the cloud level until the fells mimicked night orienteering and all those wearing glasses steamed them up to add to the fun’  All seemed to enjoy the well-organised event despite the standard Lakes weather and suggest we all add it to our diaries for 2022.

Here is Liz Drewe on the podium with her prize.

Overall results for those I found were ( order as they appear on Fabian4)

Will Drewe 9th M35S, best results 4th Day 4
Quentin Harding 1st M55, best results 1st Day 1,2 &4
Mike Hind 18th M65, best results 6th day 1 7th Day 2
Allen Barnes 8th M75, best results 5th Day 4 4th Day 5
Tamsin Ker 1st W16B, best results 1st Day 2 &3
Liz Drewe 1st W35S, best results 1st Day 2 & 5
Ruth Ker 4th W50, best results 3rd Day 2
Liz Potterton 6th W60, best result 7th Day 2
Jackie Barnes 13th W70L, best results 8th Day 4

More analysis is on the lakes 5-day website


The Newsletter will be having a months rest until the beginning of September

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Park Run
As a number of Claro’s are regulars at the park run, we have agreed to take over the volunteering as much as possible on Saturday 8th September, more details will come out soon but place it in your diary and if you can help drop the chairman an e-mail

Club League

The last spring flower events will be the final two counting event in the club league, details are here on the website. Allen Banister who currently compiles the results needs to step down so he can concentrate on the SI duties he has taken on for the club, so we need a volunteer to take on next years League, all the spreadsheets are set up they just need populating after the events and lots of training will be given, please speak to Tim or Allen if you are interested.