Club League Rules

The Club League Rules are consistent with previous seasons, however the qualifying  events have been changed to only Claro events.

Planners, organisers and controllers will receive a nominal score for an event missed, based on the average of their best 3 scores over the season.

Scoring will be based on corrected speed per kilometre at that event, with an allowance of 0.1km/10m of climb on the course length, measured across all courses, ie:  100 pts to the fastest, 99 pts to second fastest etc.  Anyone not completing their course successfully will get the lowest valid score minus 10 points.

Corrections will be applied as follows:

  • Age factor: times will be adjusted using the WAVA age grading tables widely used in running events
  • Gender: females will get a 15% correction factor applied
  • Experience: those aged 16 or under will get an allowance of 1.5% per year to allow for experience
  • Course differences: adjustments will be made for technical difficulty and length

A more detailed rationale is here: CLARO Club League Correction Factors

To spread the happiness around, an individual can only win it once in each age group and not in consecutive years when changing age groups.

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