Club League Update

The Club League kicks off this Saturday with AIRE’s event at Conistone.  This just in from the Club league manager, Allen Banister:

Welcome to the 2014/15 Orienteering season.  With the urban and “special” events that have taken place through the summer, there may not seem to be the usual summer break. However with September comes the start of  the “real” orienteering season.

The Claro League in its current format was set up by Phil Headford and in the last few years I have merely administered it.
The objective of the league as I see it, is to encourage participation in local events.
I have set the league fixtures  to include level B and C events that are roughly within nominally a 50 mile or 1 hour reach of Harrogate to credit our members both on performance and also participation.

This has normally been about 16 events in a season; however with a great list of events up until Christmas, this year it will probably be more. The qualifying events will be about a  half of those listed, so will probably be more than 8 for his coming season.

The league rules have been changed a little for the coming season, have a look at our new website for details.

The principle remains the same – some compensation for the technical difficulty, course length  and gender; but mainly to reward members for competing on a regular basis. Have a look at the events, which include some outside of YHOA as they are accessible.

It may be obvious, but one of the biggest costs of orienteering these days is getting there – some please try and share the travel burden and let’s see more Claros out there at local events this year.