Event Teams

Claro events are put on by Claro members.  We use a system of teams with team leaders taking responsibility for their function and calling on volunteers from within their team list.  Everyone usually gets a run by staggering shifts.

The system was revised in 2016 as it was felt that it was not working properly. The new system is similar, but more flexible with Organisers liaising with Team Leaders to co-ordinate who does what.

Current team leaders are:

Car Parking – Susan Birtwistle

Registration – Jackie Barnes

Start – Mike Cope

Finish – Stan Appleton

Si – Tim Moon


Start Team
Car Parking
Jackie Barnes  Mike Cope  Susan Birtwistle
Allen Barnes
Frank Appleton
Sandra Appleton
Jessica Appleton
Rebecca Appleton
Chris Bale
Katie Gray
Adrian Parker
Jemima Parker
Nathan Parker
Luke Parker
Lois Parker
David Stanier
Maja While
Jim While
Ted While
Peter While
Christine Cope
Arthur Clarke
Christine Hayes
David Day
Elaine Day
Stephen Fry
Luke Fry
Chris Dicken
Mark Hewson
Estella Ramsden
Phil Robinson
Alexander Robinson
John Birtwistle
David Gugan
William Hickson
Josie Hickson
Philip Judson
Richard  Kirk
Andrew Lyon
Helen Lyon
David Lyon
Rhiannon Lyon
 Finish Team
 SI Team
 Stan Appleton  Tim Moon
Debbie Handslip
Colin John
Ruth Ker
Tasmin Ker
Georgina Ramsden
Jeremy Walford
Allen Banister
Vince Grealy
Judith Hind
Mike Hind
Linda Kelly
Liz Potterton
Graham Ramsden
Timothy Evans
Edwyn Oliver-Evans