Guisecliff 29 March 2020

Provisional Event Details

Claro will host a Regional (Level C) event at Guisecliff Wood near Pateley Bridge on Sunday 29th March 2020. The longer courses (Green+) also visit Heyshaw Moor.  This will be part of the YHOA Superleague  with limited courses that will have age group mappings as approved with the Superleague coordinator.

There will be yellow, orange, light green, short green, green, blue and brown which will have YHOA age group mappings approved by the superleague coordinator.

TERRAIN: The area is a very detailed mixed forest with some steep slopes and scattered rocks and crags. It is mostly runnable with some fine contour detail. The brown, blue and green courses will visit Heyshaw Moor – with some tricky contour detail in an old quarry.


Organiser: Susan Birtwistle (CLARO)
Planner: Liz Potterton (CLARO)
Controller: Chris Dicken (CLARO)

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