Harlow Hill – 30 Sep 18


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Organiser comments

Thanks to all of you for coming for a run at Harlow Hill. The event should have been held in a better orienteering area, but unfortunately permissions turned out to be too difficult – well impossible really as permission was refused. In the end it was a fine autumn day, the area did look attractive with the autumn colours, and all seemed to enjoy the event. I know some of you enjoyed RHS Harlow Carr too. Their big weekend forced us to find alternative parking as we would normally have been allowed to use part of their 3 big car parks. The parking and toilets found at the Central House complex did serve very well. It actually made organisation easier than if our cars had been mixed up with the public parking. The walk to the start and from the finish on a pleasant day was a small price to pay. I trust all are as grateful as I am to the small band of CLARO helpers. It was a bit tight as many regulars were elsewhere and unable to help, but a great job was done by all. I must thank Tony Leighton from Central House, Faye Milner from Beckwith Health Club, and Sarah and James from RHS Harlow Carr, all of whom were most helpful and cooperative.

Controller comments

Working with Mike and Graham, both very experienced in their roles, made my job as controller very enjoyable and straightforward, particularly as they were supported by such an enthusiastic and willing team of volunteers. Harlow is a surprisingly difficult area in which to provide fair and challenging courses, but Graham did an excellent job, and I hope you enjoyed the results of his labours.
The only potentially significant issue arose early on when a small group of competitors agreed between themselves that a control in the Birk Crag area had been hung in the wrong place, and then moved it to where they thought it should have been. Whilst done with the best of intentions, they were unfortunately (?!) wrong, and the control had been correctly hung. Fortunately the control was quickly put back in the correct place (by the controller!) before this was noticed. The lesson to be learned from this is that if a competitor feels that a control is in the wrong place, they should not move the control, but report their concerns to the controller/planner who can then investigate any problem and instigate corrections if needed (e.g. voiding the control). It all goes to reinforce my belief that orienteering navigation is rarely successful when done as a committee, and reminds me of the teacher who ran my school club all those years ago gently suggesting to me that a group of orienteers having a confab probably means that you are in the wrong place to find the control!

Final Details

These details are now considered final, but please note that changes to these details were made on 27 Sept. The main changes to note concern directions and car parking. The car parking is now nearer to the start and finish.

CLARO will host a Regional event at Harlow Hill on Sunday 30 September 2018. It will not be a YHOA Superleague event and will not include the YHOA Championships as was originally intended.

Event Details

CAR PARK LOCATION Near Central House, off Otley Road, Harrogate
LATITUDE/LONGITUDE 53.979000, -1.569200
LINKS Streetmap

ENTRIES: Entry on the day only (EOD). To comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation, by entering this event you agree that we may publish your Personal Information as part of the
results of the Event and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times and age group.

ELECTRONIC PUNCHING. SportIdent (SI) punching will be used for all courses. Hire dibbers will be available. Controls will NOT be enabled for touch-free punching, but competitors can still manually
punch with the newer SIAC cards. The Brown course has 33 controls – competitors on this course using older dibbers should be aware that split times will not be recorded for the last 3 controls, but a correct finish time will be recorded.


Light Green and above: Senior £7, Juniors and ft students £2.50
Orange, Yellow, White: £2.50
Maximum family charge: £15
SI dibber hire: Senior £1, Juniors and full time students 50p

DIRECTIONS: The car park is within the Central House office complex off the B6162 Otley Road approximately 2.5 km south west of central Harrogate. Travelling WSW from Harrogate on the B6162, turn left 2.2 km after the A61 Leeds Road roundabout where RHS Harlow Carr traffic turns right. From both directions, ignore ‘Road Ahead Closed’ and diversion signs, taking care as they stick out into the road at the junction. Turn left after less than 40m. Travelling ENE along Otley Road towards Harrogate, turn right at junction where RHS Harlow Carr traffic turns left.  Please take care near the junction as runners will need to cross Otley Road to get to the woods. Also, there is a big event at RHS Harlow Carr so there will be a lot of traffic. Please do not park in the RHS car parks.

REGISTRATION: This will be near to the car parking. It will be marked with the CLARO club feather flag.

FACILITIES: Toilet facilities will be in a Health Club approximately 100m from the car parking. Strictly no wet, dirty or spiked shoes in the building – they must be left outside.

TERRAIN: The area comprises a mix of mature woodland and parkland with some varied rock and contour detail on the western side.

MAP: 1:7,500 scale with 5m contours updated in 2018. It will be printed on waterproof paper. Control descriptions will be printed on the map and available loose in the start lanes.

START: The start will be 500m from the car parking. The route to it is on paths by busy roads. It involves crossing the B6162 Otley Road and Crag Lane passing the RHS Harlow Carr car parks and main entrance. Care must be taken and children must be supervised.

FINISH. The finish for Very Short Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow and White courses is near the start. The finish for longer courses is 400m further on. The route back to the car parking is the reverse of the route to the start.


Course Distance (km) Climb (m) Controls
Brown 8.4 190 33
Blue 6.0 125 26
Green 4.6 95 21
Short Green 3.5 80 12
Very Short Green 3.0 35 17
Light Green 3.5 35 18
Orange 2.5 30 11
Yellow 2.0 25 13
White 1.8 20 13

Unfortunately there will be no string course at this event.

Brown, Blue, Green, Very Short Green and Light Green will cross Harlow Moor Road twice. The crossings will be timed out with 1 minute allowed for each crossing.

Brown, Blue, Green and Short Green courses run along a road for 350m and then onto Birk Crag. Most of this is on a grass verge, but extreme care must be taken on two short sections where it will be necessary to step on the road. All other courses stay in The Pinewoods and Valley Gardens

Registration open: 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
Starts: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Courses close: 2:00pm

DOGS: If brought to the event, dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. The distance along roads from the car parking to the event makes it unsuitable for most dogs.

SAFETY: A comprehensive risk assessment will be carried out by the organiser, but competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. If travelling alone, please leave your keys at registration. All competitors who start must report to download even if they retire. Whistles and full leg cover are compulsory. Waterproof jackets may be compulsory in the case of bad weather. In the unlikely event of cancellation, details will be posted on the Claro website – www.claro-orienteering.org.uk. Information can also be obtained by phoning the organiser.
If you have a medical condition that first aiders should know about in an emergency, please contact the organiser with details before the event, or fill in a form at registration. These details will only be
used for the purposes of this event and can be collected or will otherwise be deleted/destroyed afterwards.

INSURANCE: Please note that if you are not a member of an orienteering club affiliated to British Orienteering then you are not covered by our public liability insurance except if you are a newcomer to orienteering, in which case you are covered for three registered orienteering events without joining. Please ask any of our club officials for more information if you would like to join CLARO.

RESULTS: These will be posted on the Claro website www.claro-orienteering.org.uk.

PHOTOGRAPHY: In accordance with the British Orienteering Policy Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults, the organiser of this event requires that any person wishing to engage in any
video, zoom or close range photography should register their details with the organiser before carrying out any such photography. The organiser reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the organiser's conditions. The club policy is here.

Organiser: Mike Cope (CLARO) – 01423 868545 – mike.cope47@dsl.pipex.com
Planner: Graham Ramsden (CLARO)
Controller: Andrew Kelly (AIRE)