Killinghall Moor: YHOA Night League – 28 Nov 15

Last night saw a few hardy souls taking part in the second of this year’s YHOA Night League events. The weather varied between mildly unpleasant and horrible, which resulted in a somewhat reduced turnout, but those who came mostly seemed to enjoy it.

The results are now up. Well done to all concerned, especially Tim Evans, the planner, who got the worst of the weather whilst setting out.

Organiser’s Comments:
As usual, CLARO’s experienced helper teams combined to flatter their Organiser’s abilities and we had the very welcome use of Killinghall Moor’s Sports Pavilion and its warmth and light as a refuge from a very wet and windy evening.  Despite that weather, we welcomed 35 runners comprising not just the hard core, but also some young people – including one in a baby carrier.  I was impressed.  This is what the sport is about.  Tim Evans’ inventive new courses proved challenging and entertaining – even for those CLARO hands who know the area well.  Very well done also to Vince Grealy whose first event as Controller this was.

Only one item of lost property: a single long sock, dark with multi-coloured bands. Contact me to claim it.

Richard Kirk – Organiser

Planner’s comments. 
I thoroughly enjoyed planning my first regional event. With limited daylight, most site visits were done before work, with a number of 6:30am starts and some stunning sunrises. The weather on Saturday couldn’t have been more different. Thanks must go to Vince for his map alterations, patience, excellent controlling and advice on making the courses challenging enough. From feedback on the day I think we succeeded. There has been considerable vegetation change since the area was last mapped and I was of the view that serious bramble bashing was not part of the sport, which cut out some of the area. I also wanted to allow the U16s to be able to run the medium, hence the slightly convoluted course layout. Thanks to all competitors for turning out on a foul night and making mine and all the other helpers efforts worthwhile. I must also express my gratitude to all the control collectors, especially those who volunteered after having run and collected controls before heading off to the pub. It made my job much easier and we were off site by 8pm.
Tim Evans – Planner