Yorkshire Superleague

News just in from the YHOA Committee – the Yorkshire Superleague is alive and well and will be run differently this year. There will be the usual nine or so events (8 in the calendar already and potentially one replacement to come). The first event is this Sunday at SYO’s Cawthorne and Deffer event.  The dates are:

1 Mar 15 SYO BNC Weekend Event (UKOL) (B) Cawthorne & Deffer
22 Mar 15 EBOR Level B Event, Gilling
29 Mar 15 HALO YHOA Middle Championships (B), Knapton Wood
12 Apr 15 AIRE Level C Middle Distance, Calverley Wood
30 Aug 15 EBOR White Rose Weekend (B), Pickering Forest
20 Sep 15 AIRE Dales Weekend Day 2(UKOL)/YHOA Championships (B), Hawkswick Clowder
1 Nov 15 SYO Level C Event, Wharncliffe
22 Nov 15 CLARO Level C Event, Brimham Rocks

The league will be scored differently using a similar system to that used by SEOA.  It uses the concept of a target time for each class with points awarded based on how you perform in comparison. The full details will be posted on a new YHOA website shortly, but for now we have been sent details here.

Members Survey

We are running a survey for all club members to find out what you want from your club and to collect some information. It should not take long, so please have a go using the button below.  If you are family members, please encourage others in your family to complete it too as we want individual responses if possible.


Winter Blues Street-O 2015

Happy New Year!

Winter Blues Street-O starting on Wed 7 Jan 15

We now have a full set of planners for the Winter Blues Street-O series.  The series will follow essentially the same format as previous editions, only now with an optional social opportunity at the end of each one. Tim Moon is in the chair for the first one on Wed 7 Jan 15, so why not get out there and work off some of those mince pies?

Christmas Dinner

The wait is finally over – details of this year’s Christmas Dinner can be found here.  It should be splendid! Please let us know if you want to come as we need to secure the best table.  And no, this is not me taking over as Social Secretary – just helping out until someone volunteers!

The Weekend the Clocks Went Back

What were you doing the weekend the clocks went back?

A comment made at our recent AGM about how few Claros had been spotted at recent events got Linda thinking, “If we weren’t orienteering at the weekend what were we all doing?”   So via the means of modern technology she decided to find out.   It seems we were all very busy!  Thank you to everyone who replied.   Here’s what we were up to:

Geoffrey and Lindsey Hensman:  Falkirk Park Run.  This is the second time we have been, although Geoffrey did a few when we were still in Harrogate.  Continue reading The Weekend the Clocks Went Back

Autumn Leaves, forthcoming events and more

Update: Autumn leaves 5 results are up.

The next Autumn Leaves Street-O is from the Stray in Harrogate on Wednesday 12th, so grab your hi-viz and headtorch and see you there. It is mentioned in this week’s news update, which has just gone out; you can join the list here.

Details are now up for the next two Claro events – Hookstone Woods night event on 27 Nov and Dob Park on 7 Dec. Note the update for directions for Dob Park as Otley town centre will be closed.



After a brief delay, the results of last Wednesday’s Autumn Leaves Street-O are now published here.  Two more to go before Christmas, so hope to see you a week on Wednesday for a start on the side of The Stray.

Tomorrow is the penultimate Yorkshire SuperLeague for 2014.  We have a few Claros in contention, so lets hope things go well for the last two events.  Ilkley Moor on 30 Nov 14 is the other one.

For those not there, the AGM went well. Full details will be in the next Clarion, or you can browse the minutes here. The next Clarion will also include the collation of replies to Linda’s question “What were you doing on the weekend the clocks went back?”.  Look out for it in the week beginning 10 Nov.