Permanent Courses

Permanent courses enable people to try or practise orienteering without having to wait for an event. Instead of orienteering markers, permanent posts are used, usually wooden with a number and a letter marked on it. The number corresponds to the number of the control shown on the map, so that you can check you are at the right control. The letter is written down on the accompanying card to prove that you have been to the right point if needed.

There is usually a selection of suggested routes, linking together different controls, to provide a progression of physical and technical difficulty, with most being aimed at beginners and intermediates.

Permanent courses are also an excellent resource for teachers and leaders wanting to introduce or develop orienteering with their groups, significantly reducing the time and effort required to organise and plan sessions, and removing many of the problems of land access that can be encountered.

There is currently just one public permanent course in the Claro catchment area.

However neighbouring clubs also have some permanent courses which are easily accessible for Claro orienteers. For details follow these links


*** UPDATE *** Permanent course currently under renovation.
Following vandalism and some other significant changes in the area we are currently updating the Harlow Hill course.  We hope to have the new course and a new map ready by the end of March 2015. Until then the current course is unfortunately unavailable.

Three Courses are planned to cater for those new to orienteering right up to those looking for a longer and harder challenge. Maps will be available from the Games Kiosk in the Valley Gardens and the Tourist Information Centre in Crescent Road once the course has been rebuilt.

Further information is available from the club by emailing via this link

OS Grid Reference SE 288547.