SportIdent (SI) Information

CLARO uses the SportIdent (SI) electronic timing system.  Like most clubs, we use the current UK SI card database to validate cards on download. We do this so that we don’t have to type in the entries for all competitors between you registering and finishing.

Before events we download the current full UK SI database, so when you download at the event the system retrieves the current registered information held for your card. This means that if you run with a dibber that is registered to someone else (like someone in your family or the person you borrowed it from) and you have not told us or we don’t spot it on the day, your result will be attributed to the owner. It is easy to amend the details on the day at the event, but to change it afterwards takes quite a lot of work – getting hold of the event computer again, reprocessing the results, exporting them again in various formats, uploading them to the various websites and changing links where needed.

This information is held by SportIdent. Informing British Orienteering of any change will not result in the Sportident database being updated – that is the responsibility of the SI Card owner.

If you think the registration details are wrong, you can  check (and correct) your dibber information on the SportIdent database via this link.