Spring O 2018

CLARO will run a Spring O Series in 2018, a series of local orienteering events, between April and July. The events will take place on Wednesday evenings using proper orienteering maps, finishing with a Club Picnic event on the usual Saturday. They will use SI electronic timing for Start and Finish.

These events will usually comprise three courses: a “Long” course (Green standard), a shorter, “Short” course (Orange standard) and a “Beginner” course (White standard) that is suitable for juniors. The two longer courses may occasionally use more novel formats for variety, but there will always be a White standard course provided.

New for this season we hope to have an opportunity to socialise in a local pub after each event in the same way as those who attend LampOs will be used to.

Series Dates

Date Venue Planner
18 April 18 Hookstone Woods, Harrogate
Ruth Ker
2 May 18 Jacob Smith Park/NW Knaresborough RESULTS Mike Cope
16 May 18 Killinghall Moor, Harrogate RESULTS Allen Banister
30 May 18 Harlow Hill, Harrogate RESULTS Tim Evans
13 June 18 Conyngham Hall, Knaresborough RESULTS Matthew & Liz Rochester
27 June 18 Brimham Rocks RESULTS Liz Potterton

Timings will usually be as follows:

6.00pm to 7.00pm – Registration
6.15pm to 7.15pm – Start window
Informal Training might be available – have a word at registration.

Entries: Seniors £3, Juniors £1. Dibber hire: £1.00 / 50p.

Next Event – That’s it for this year – check out our Autumn Wednesday evening Lamp-O events.




Beginners (White)
Short and fairly easy (Orange)
Longer and harder (Green)

TIMING – SportIdent electronic timing will be used for the start and finish. Most controls will not have a timing box, but there could be SportIdent boxes on one or several controls which must be punched if present to avoid disqualification, so check every control. Hire dibbers will be available.