Winter Street O 2017

Our series of fortnightly urban score events (or Lampos) around the streets of Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon continues on alternate Wednesdays from January to March 2017.  Lampos are usually mass start street score events using lamp posts as controls where, using a basic street map, runners have 45 minutes to collect as many lamp post numbers as possible from the selection marked on the map.

Usual format – 30 controls for a 45 minute score event. Registration from 6.15pm for a 6.30pm mass start.

Remember to bring:

  • Hi-viz clothing (required for insurance – no start without)
  • Pen/pencil
  • Watch
  • Headtorch
  • £2 per adult,  £1 per junior
  • An adult (if you are U16)

Next Event:

The 2017 Winter series is now complete – have a look at the Wednesday evening Spring events…

 Date Venue Organiser
Wed 11 Jan 17 Hornbeam Park – meet at the Park Pub     RESULTS Mark & Ewan Reid
Wed 25 Jan 17 Knaresborough –  York Place carpark  RESULTS
Results updated 26th  Jan.
Susan Birtwistle
Wed 8 Feb 17 Ripon – meet near the Water Rat RESULTS  
Results updated 23rd Feb.
Liz Potterton
Wed 22 Feb 17 Harlow Hill – meet at the Shepherd’s Dog   RESULTS
Results updated 3rd Mar.
Tim Evans
Wed 8 Mar 17 Central Harrogate – meet at 20 Cheltenham Mount, Harrogate
Results updated 12th Mar.
Steven & Luke Fry
Wed 29 Mar 17 West Harrogate – meet at Old Spring Well RESULTS Ruth Ker

Lampos are simple events using the well tested format – the maps will be from Open Orienteering Maps – largely black and white representations of the chosen area, with streets marked on as black lines – no buildings to act as identifying features – so you’ll need good contact with the map.  All “controls” will be lampposts.  Individual lampposts will not be marked on the map – just those chosen as control sites.  Every lamppost is marked (somewhere on it!) by the council with a number.  Along with the map will be a card to write down the lamppost number when you get there, so you need a pen.  The maps should be on waterproof paper, but a map bag might be needed (though we should have some spares).

The events will all be mass start at 6:30pm with a 45 minute time limit, so you need a watch. Registration is from 6:15pm. 10 points for each correct lamppost, 10 point deducted for every minute (and part minute) late back.

Unfortunately, as the events are on public roads, juniors (Under 16s) can only take part if they are accompanied by a parent due to BOF insurance requirements.

Lampos are easy and quick to put on. There are clear instructions, and there is no lack of support from the rest of us. You even get to choose the venue. The idea is to start/finish at or near a pub (or occasionally someone’s house) for social reasons.  Many planners manage to do all of their preparation without leaving the comfort of their desks at home. Please consider having a go for the Winter series!

Planner’s Guide