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Autumn Street-O 3 Nov 15

Another successful “LampO” this week, ably planned by Susan Birtwistle on a somewhat foggy night in Jennyfields. The results are here.

Susan’s Comments:  Fortunately it was not too foggy for Lamp O at Jennyfield and it was a ‘dry’ night.Thank you to all who travelled to our event.

When planning the control locations I had been keen to give those who like a good run out, a challenge and I achieved that. Though the start near the Old Spring Well roundabout meant people travelled down hill into the area it also meant they had a significant uphill climb back to the finish -this caught the majority out and just 3 people finished within the time limit. It also meant no one managed to visit all controls though Richard Foster made a jolly good effort. All controls except number 27 , an uphill climb to on Kent Road , were visited and where there was a consensus as to the correct number, as opposed to my record – I have gone with that. Well done Zoe, Luke and Dad who chose to run a long way to collect their numbers.

Autumn StreetO 20 Oct 15

Well done to Linda for tonight’s StreetO in central Harrogate. The results are here.

Linda’s comments:

Thank you to everyone for coming. It was a beautiful evening to catch before the clocks go back. Every control was visited at least once but no-one got them all. From post-race discussions it sounded like there were some sneaky goings on invesigating some potential alleys. I think it must have been the influence of the slightly spooky customers who joined us in the pub for a drink after the event. (It is only a few days until Halloween!)

My phone’s stop-watch was playing up so I hope I got the times correct. If anyone wants to dispute their time let me know. I’m open to persuasion! We look forward to seeing you all again in two weeks time at Jennyfields planned by Susan Birtwistle.

Hanging Moor 13 Sep 15

Sunday saw a reasonable turnout and some excellent weather for CLARO’s first event of the new season.

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Organiser’s Comments

Everything seemed to go well for our first event of the new season. The weather was far better than expected or forecast, and the majority certainly seemed to enjoy themselves. There were a few comments about how physical the courses were, but the planner made the best of the terrain available. My thanks to the usual suspects – Mark as planner and Graham as controller, the CLARO helper teams, Alastair Harvey from Yorkshire Water and the British Canoe Union for the use of their facilities.

There were two items found in the assembly area: an Army issue green towel and a reasonably old pair of sunglasses. Contact me if you wish to claim them.

Controller’s Comments

Hanging Moor was a beautiful place to be today, chiefly due to the glorious weather. The terrain varies between lovely runnable paths and moorland to steep and rough slopes with plenty of vegetation. There was always going to be a tricky ascent for all courses through the felled slope at the beginning. I think Mark did a great job in getting the courses through this without too much difficulty for competitors. The other area that competitors seemed to struggle with was the woodland inside the deer fencing; although the map could do with some improvement in this area, it was generally a lovely bit of wood and was well worth using.