Permanent Courses

Permanent courses enable people to try or practise orienteering without having to wait for an event. Instead of orienteering markers, permanent posts are used, usually wooden with a number and a letter marked on it. The number corresponds to the number of the control shown on the map, so that you can check you are at the right control. The letter is written down on the accompanying card to prove that you have been to the right point if needed.

There is usually a selection of suggested routes, linking together different controls, to provide a progression of physical and technical difficulty, with most being aimed at beginners and intermediates.

Permanent courses are also an excellent resource for teachers and leaders wanting to introduce or develop orienteering with their groups, significantly reducing the time and effort required to organise and plan sessions, and removing many of the problems of land access that can be encountered.

There are two public permanent courses in the Claro catchment area.

  • Harlow Hill, Harrogate

Following extensive renovation the Harlow Hill permanent orienteering course now offers a Beginners, Intermediate and Advance courses.

Course maps can also be downloaded free at the British Orienteering Permanent Orienteering Course Portal for you to print. Here is the link:



  • Brimham Rocks, Summerbridge, Nidderdale

Jointly with the National Trust, CLARO has developed an Introductory permanent course. This starts at the NT shop HG3 4DW (about 450 metres North of the Main Brimham Rocks car park). The course map can be downloaded free direct from the NT Brimham Rocks website on the following link:

Neighbouring clubs also have some permanent courses which are easily accessible for Claro orienteers. For details follow these links