YHOA Urban League. Jennyfield 9 May. Enter now.

Entries now open. The Google Entry Form is within the Details attached below.

Provisional details for Jennyfield Urban are attached here. Changes will be made to these details as they arise with important ones also highlighted here:

Extra Course Created. Check details carefully before selecting your course choice. 14/04/21

Entry Form Added – Embedded in the Details below – 13/04/21

We plan to move our Urban event to Sunday 9th May.

2021 was to have hosted the first Harrogate Urban for which Quentin and Ruth have prepared an extensive, highly-detailed new map and obtained various access permissions. However we would like its first use to be at a time when all those who wish to compete can do so and when we have been able to seek advance permissions from various Harrogate venues with interesting grounds. If this is possible later in the year we will look for a date, otherwise it will be next year.

The committee have decided to move this year’s urban event to Jennyfield. Ruth will be planner, Quentin controller and Richard Kirk organiser. Organisation will be minimised by pre-entries and streamlined, covid-safe procedures at start, finish and download. Those who have run here before will know this is an enjoyable area of wiggly streets and many paths and ginnels with open grass areas linking them. We will use the map at 1:4000 for the first time which will allow for more intricate navigating in the best areas. A range of courses suitable for adults and juniors will be provided. More details soon including how to enter.

Ruth Ker, Planner; Quentin Harding, Controller; Richard Kirk, Organiser