Club Picnic 2016

Well done to Ruth and Tamsin for organising a successful picnic and to Steve and Luke Fry for winning the competition and the right to organise for next year!


In the time honoured tradition, this year’s picnic was organised by last year’s winner (and thus “Club Champion”) Ruth Ker, ably assisted by Tamsin.  It was a traditional, light hearted event with a low key orienteering competition not getting in the way too much of the serious business of picnic eating.

Timing: Sunday 12th June 2016. Orienteering from noon with the picnic and prize giving following that.

Venue:   Pannal and Burnbridge, with the picnic in the Crimple Meadows park with the swings.   Parking on Crimple Meadows.

Exciting orienteering offerings include a set of short orienteering courses, Mini-O for children in the park and Head-to-Head Sprint Mini-O for all (with full spectating opportunities without getting off one’s picnic rug)…..

Those involved in the Schools League this year are particularly welcome and the League prize giving will take place at this event.


All welcome (running or not).  For the picnic, bring something to sit on, something to eat and something to share. Questions, ideas and any bids for IOF world ranking status to Ruth :

Ruth K email address