Knaresborough Urban – 27 May 18

Organiser’s Comments (Richard Kirk)
Thanks to everyone who came along to enjoy some entertaining navigating up and down Knaresborough’s hills and along and through its various ginnels and hidden corners.  Results are here. The weather cooperated after a worrying series of wet and cold days — and the crowds came out.  I hope that no one feels that their winning run was spoiled by people jams on some of Knaresborough’s narrow stone stairs!
We were lucky this year to have the use of facilities at the Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre which afforded an excellent run in – and a devilish final control which caught a few of you out – but compensation in the form of rather a good café not 20 paces from Download.
As always, the CLARO machine swung into action to make my job simple and straightforward.  We enjoyed putting the event on and hope you had as much fun on your run.  We look forward to next years CLARO Urban.
  • A black headband
  • A pair of dark brown tortoiseshell style sunglasses.
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Planner’s Comments (Ruth Ker)
From me, simply, thank you.  To Richard (organiser), Graham (controller) and Mike (long-suffering map up-dater) for such slick contributions.   To you all for coming and for your generosity of warm-hearted compliments and appreciation of my efforts to entertain and to catch you out (successful in many cases it would appear).  It makes it all worthwhile when you have enjoyed yourselves.    I would love to see your run on RouteGadget (please).