Lindley Moor – 21 Sep 14

A CLARO Yorkshire Superleague event (Level C).

Update – 23 Sep 14:  REVISED RESULTS


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Officials’ Comments:

Organiser’s Comments:  I hope all those that attended the event at Lindley Moor enjoyed their day out in the sunshine.  Everything seemed to go well except for one technical issue with a control wrongly mapped. After an investigation in to how much the error affected the top runners’ results, it has been decided to void the legs either side of control #202 for all courses that visited it and recalculate the results.  This will be done as soon as possible.

BOF Rule 8.11.3 states:

“The primary purpose of an orienteering race is to determine the best orienteers on the day. If it can be established that a serious problem is unlikely to have affected the top runners in a race then no action should be taken since the winners of the race will be determined by who completed the designated race in the quickest time. How many runners should be considered the top runners depends on the nature of the event and the total number of competitors in that race. It could vary from one to six. Whether or not one or more of the top runners was affected by the problem can be ascertained by comparing race times before and after removal of splits either side of the problem. If a top competitor’s position in the race is lower in the unadjusted results than in the adjusted results list then the race could be considered to have been seriously affected.”

The investigation shows that for all 8 affected courses except Short Brown there would be a change in the top 6.  The degree of impact varies by course.  For green, the top 5 remain unchanged.  There would be a different winner on Black, Short Blue and Very Short Green, and several competitors who only failed to punch that control would be reinstated.  Therefore, in the interests of fairness the relevant legs will be voided for all courses.

Planner’s Comments:  Thanks to all those who turned out for the event at Lindley yesterday. The weather was kind and many enjoyed their day out in the sunshine. Unfortunately not everybody did, as many courses were affected by an error. The features for control #202 were incorrectly mapped too far to the east; my apologies to all those concerned.  As a planner of limited experience, I was grateful for the opportunity to plan a level C event.  I found the considerable vegetation changes made it quite difficult to plan courses to meet the required criteria, whilst trying to avoid the less runnable areas of the map.  I am frustrated that the mapping  error undermined not only the considerable effort in mapping and planning, but also the efforts of the other helpers at the event.  My thanks to all those helpers, and to Steve for supportive controlling and Mark for his enthusiasm and efficiency in organising.

Update – 9 Sep 14  – Final Details: Lindley Moor Final details as at 8 Sep 14
LOCATION Lindley Moor
LS21 2QR
LATITUDE/LONGITUDE 53.951270, -1.658122

ENTRIES:   Entry on the day only (EOD).  SI punching will be used for all courses.  Hire dibbers will be available.

FEES:             Senior £7,    Junior £2.50,    SI dibber hire £1 (Juniors 50p)

DIRECTIONS:          The area is approximately 5 miles north of Otley and 7 miles west of Harrogate. Access to the event will be via the B6451, north of Lindley Wood Reservoir.   The event will be signed from the north from the A59 and from the south from the bridge in Otley.  Please only approach the event from the B6451.  Do not approach from the B6161/Otley road as this road is narrow and gated.  The best route from Harrogate is to take either the A59, Penny Pot Lane or Norwood Lane (off Otley Road) to the B6451.
Parking is at Lindley Moor GR SE 226506, postcode LS21 2QR. Charge £1 per car to go to charity at the request of the landowner.

TERRAIN:          Lindley Moor is an area of coniferous plantation with a wealth of rock and contour detail.  Several parts have been previously felled and either replanted or left as rough open land.

MAP:          1:10,000 map with 5m contours, revised in 2014 and considerably extended north of the Forestry Commission land. Lindley Moor comprises 2 connected areas; the Eastern area is forested with some felled areas, gently sloping to the east with a few tracks, numerous ditches and a mix of runability.  The Western area, known as Norwood Edge, is steeper with rock features and varied vegetation.

COURSES:        The following courses will be available as specified for the Yorkshire Superleague (note this means no separate M/W 50, 60, 70 courses as is usual for the Superleague):

Course League Age Class
Black M21L
Brown M35L
Short Brown M45L, M21S, W21L, M20-
Blue M55L, M35S, W35L, M16-
Short Blue M45S, W45L, W21S, W20-
Green M65L, M55S, W55L, W35S, M20-S, W16-
Short Green M75, M65S, W65L, W45S, W20-S
Very Short Green W75, W55S, W65S
Light Green M14-, W14-
Orange M12-, W12-
Yellow M10-, W10-


Registration open: 10:00am – 12:00am
Starts: 10:30am – 12:30 noon
Courses close: 2:30pm


Portable toilets will be provided.  Water will be available at the finish.


Unfortunately no dogs are allowed.


Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. If travelling alone, please leave your keys at registration. Whistles and full leg cover compulsory. Waterproof jackets may be compulsory in the case of bad weather. In the unlikely event of cancellation, details will be posted on the Claro website –  Information can also be obtained by phoning the organiser.


Organiser:           Mark Hewson (CLARO) – 01423 522471 Mark Hewson
Planner:                Vince Grealy (CLARO)
Controller:          Steve Watkins (AIRE)