Local Events for Summer 2021

We are pleased to bring you another summer series of local events through June and July this year.

Pre-enter using the entry form below by Sunday before the event.

Entry form

DateVenueOrganiser / PlannerResults
8 June 21PannalLois ParkerResults
22 June 21Hell Wath, RiponDavid DayResults
6 July 21Conyngham HallBryn JonesResults
20 July 21BrimhamLiz PottertonResults

Brimham Details

Friday 16th update: THE EVENT IS CONFIRMED TO BE ON!!

Monday 19th update: There are 81 entries – a lot for our shortish start window – we hope some folks can start before 6pm depending on control hanging. Please be patient and don’t crowd the start.

Ther has been a change to parking arrangements: we will be using the first ‘main’ carpark rather than the ‘overflow’ car park that we usually use. There is a £6 car parking charge or free to NT members. The start and finish are 200m from the car park.

We are not certain to have use of the toilets so ‘go before you come’.

We are limited to using the popular part of Brimham between the car parks and Brimham House so the Beginner Long and Experienced Long course both have two loops on two sides of the map. Note that the Beginner Long revisits some controls from the first loop on the second loop.
There is a dense path network with many small unmapped paths. The Experienced courses will cross areas of bracken and bramble – leg cover is recommended but not compulsory.
I have tried to make the most of the area and provide challenging Experienced courses but the Beginner courses are also probably a little more challenging than most evening events and parents may want to accompany or shadow children. If they would also like a run themselves please be ready to start the child’s course a few minutes before 6pm.
Beware high crags, collisions with other visitors and dogs.

Course lengths:

Beginner – Short – 1.9k, 35m climb, 10 controls
Beginner – Long – 2.8k, 60m climb, 15 controls. 2 part course, map printed on both sides of paper.
Experienced – Short – 2.4k, 90m climb, 14 controls
Experienced – Long – 4.4k, 185m climb, 22 controls. 2 part course, map printed on both sides of paper.

The map scale is 1:4000 with 5m contours and is the map used for the middle distant event hear in November 2019. This is the link to Routegadget