Plumpton Rocks – Sun 10 Oct – YHOA Middle Distance Champs

Yorkshire and Humberside Middle Distance Championships 2021 and Elite League





YHOA Middle Distance Champions 2021

Ruth would love to see what you got up to tackling her courses, please give the time to put up your routes on Routegadget.

Many thanks to Wendy Carlyle for taking photographs during the event. Photos.

Thank you to Duncan Birtwistle for this entertaining tiny video of the Elites at Play in the last loop of their race after escaping from the big rocks.

Webcam of Tony Udris’ experience on Men’s Blue. Before you watch please be aware, Tony picked up the wrong descriptions so numbers 1 and 2 go wrong. And some of his later adventures are of his own making and were not required by the course planner.

Planner’s Post-Event Musings

Controller’s Musings

Event Details as of 28 September 21

Mike Cope, Organiser. Ruth Ker, Planner. Quentin Harding, Controller.