CLARO hosted a Yorkshire Urban League (Level C) Event at Ripon on Sunday 29th May 2016.


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Lost property: A shoe bag was left in the kit tent by Download. If it is yours please claim it from the Organiser,

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 Organiser’s Comments

This event went very well from my point of view. The Claro teams swung into action with their usual well-honed efficiency. All the major functions – Registration, Download, Start and Finishes – were all easy of access and car parking on public streets worked fine. We had enough helpers so everyone who wanted a run got one. The weather cooperated – pleasant temperatures, and a touch of sun.

I would only change one thing in a future event of this kind and that would be to provide a map to the nearest public loos for our punters!

As some of you may know, we did have a minor brush with a local owner who claimed with some heat that some of our competitors were trespassing on his flats’ car parking area. The Controller, (Graham Ramsden) used his considerable diplomat skills to mollify the person concerned.

Richard Kirk, Organiser


LOCATION Ripon Spa Park, Church Lane, Ripon
Note: Not Ripon Spa Gardens
LATITUDE/LONGITUDE 54.137297 , -1.528874
LINKS Streetmap


Senior courses 1 to 5: £7 (full time students £2.50)
Junior courses 6 & 7: £2.50
Juniors under 16 may only enter courses 6 & 7
SI dibber hire £1 (Juniors 50p)

PARKING:  Street parking in nearby Clotherholme Road, Studley Road or Mallorie Park Drive. Studley Road is best for larger vehicles. There is unlikely to be parking available in Church Lane (the clue’s in its name – it’s Sunday). Several municipal long stay car parks in city centre within 600m walk (£1.60 for up to 4 hours, £2.50 for longer) – see Harrogate Council website for details.

DIRECTIONS:  From A1(M) or A61 take signs for Ripon, then for B6265 Pateley Bridge. After passing rugby and soccer clubs on the right you’ll arrive at a mini-roundabout on the edge of the city. Turn right onto Studley Road. Continue for 400m to another mini-roundabout where take a slight right. In 50m turn left into Church Lane where assembly will be on your right in 100m.

TERRAIN:  The senior courses will be classic urban terrain of streets, passageways, riverside paths, parkland, school grounds, cathedral close. Ripon is an old city and while parts have been opened up and modernised there remains a network of older ginnels.
The junior courses will be entirely contained within the grounds of a three school campus with open running, tricky building complexes and some wilder areas. Although the junior course lengths are towards the lower end of guidelines it is felt the advantages of a self-contained venue justify it.


MAP:  Based on an award winning ISSOM map by Paul Taylor, with selective updates by David Day. All maps will be at 1:5,000, A3 size and will be printed by BML on waterproof paper.

COURSES:  There will be seven courses, in the normal Yorkshire Urban League classes. All course details are provisional and subject to final controlling:

1. Mens open 9.1km 85m climb 30 controls
2.  Womens open,  Veteran men 7.3km 60m climb 28 controls
3. Veteran women, Supervet men 5.4km 60m climb 22 controls
4. Supervet women, Ultravet men 4.2km 45m climb 19 controls
5. Ultravet women 3.7km 30m climb 17 controls
6. Juniors 2.9km 25m climb 19 controls
7. Young juniors 1.7km 20m climb 15 controls

You may enter any class of your choice except for those under 16 who may only enter courses 6 or 7 due to the need to avoid road crossings.

START AND FINISH:  All courses will start 200m from Registration via a marked route with a single road crossing which will be marshalled. The Finish of the senior courses will be in the grounds of Ripon Spa Park about 20m from Registration. The Finish of the junior courses will be in the same school grounds as the Start and the route back to Registration is the reverse of the route out to the Start.

1.  Senior Courses may encounter a low wall immediately adjoining a busy public highway with no intervening pavement. Although physically crossable, it is marked as “uncrossable” on maps for road safety reasons. It will also be signed as uncrossable and taped off. The Organiser may arrange for marshalling here. Anyone seen ignoring this restriction will be disqualified.
2. Some paths within school grounds are edged with a low wooden rail fence. These are not mapped and can be considered as crossable

Registration open: 1000 to 1200
Starts: 1030 to 1230
Courses close: 1430

FACILITIES:  Public toilets are available on the corner of Skellgate and Westgate, about 300m from registration. There are plenty of refreshment outlets in the city centre.
After your run there are public toilets and a welcoming cafe in the grounds of Ripon Spa Gardens which faces the back of the park and is only 150m away. Sadly this is out of bounds until you’ve run.

DOGS:  Because every course uses school grounds to a greater or lesser extent, no dogs can be permitted to accompany competitors. Dogs on leads are however welcome in the park where the registration and senior finishes are based (apart from the fenced playground) and in surrounding streets.

SAFETY:  Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. If travelling alone, please leave your keys at registration. All competitors who start must report to download even if they retire. Please dress appropriately for the time of year and specific weather on the day.  In the unlikely event of cancellation, details will be posted on the Claro website – www.claro-orienteering.org.uk.  Information can also be obtained by phoning the organiser.

RESULTS: These will be posted on the Claro website www.claro-orienteering.org.uk.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  In accordance with the British Orienteering Child Welfare Policy and Procedures, the organiser of this event requires that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should register their details with the organiser before carrying out any such photography. The organiser reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the organiser’s conditions.  The club policy is here.

Organiser : Richard Kirk (Claro) (07871 755311)
Planner: Stan Appleton (Claro)
Controller: Graham Ramsden (Claro)