The main areas that the club has mapped for events are shown on the maps below and the subsequent tables

Swinsty and Beecroft An area of woodland just on the west side of Swinsty and Fewston Reservoirs about 5 miles west of Harrogate (SE 186538)
Timble Ings An area of woodland on the west side of the unclassified road running from Otley to Blubberhouses, about 2 miles west of Swinsty reservoir (SE 164529)
Askwith Moor An area of open moorland, just south-east of Timble Ings (SE 164529)
Hanging Moor Small area of Woodland with more extensive open moorland down from Thruscross Reservoir (SE160566)
Lindley Moor Fairly dense woodland and a better Western area with some complex rock formation. Situated about 4 miles West of Harrogate, just off the B6451 (SE 225505)
Dob Park Woodland with some rock formations. S of Swinsty Reservoir just off the Blubberhouses to Otley Road  (SE195502)
Brimham Rocks The famous National Trust lands about 2 miles north of Summerbridge (B6165), between Pateley Bridge and Ripley.  The area includes the complex rock formations as well as open areas and woodland (SE 208646)
Guisecliff Woods On the valley side about 2 miles south of Pateley Bridge.  The area has a complex area of boulders and rocks, some open areas and some woodland areas. A highly technical area. (SE 167636)
Angram Open moorland by Scar House Reservoir at the top of the Nidd Valley (SE 044764)
Harlow Hill, Harrogate The Pine Woods plantation and Birk Crag woods on the western edge of Harrogate, just off Otley Road (B6162) (SE287548)
Valley Gardens, Harrogate Harrogate’s premier park, used in conjunction with Harlow Hill (SE293549)
Harlow Carr Gardens The famous RHS gardens used along with Harlow Hill to produce a fascinating event area (SE280540)
Jennyfields, Harrogate A modern housing estate, with complex path network, linked with Killinghall Moor Country park (SE283561)
Ripon City Centre A comprehensive map of Ripon used for large Urban events (SE310710)
Knaresborough Streets A comprehensive map of Knaresborough used for large Urban events (SE350570)

The following areas are generally too small for open events and we use them for smaller CLARO-only, family and training events:

Old Spring Woods & Needham Crags Small woodland area  S of Brimham Rocks  towards Summerbridge (SE205630)
Hookstone Woods Woodland just off Hookstone Chase (SE322545)
Bathing Well Woods Woodland next to Great Yorkshire Showground, used with Hookstone Woods (SE321535)
Killinghall Moor Country Park An area of  woodland and playing fields used for smaller events or in conjunction with Jennyfields Urban map (SE283561)
West Park Stray The famous Stray grassland (SE301546)
Bilton Streets Urban map for smaller urban events (SE313570)
Plumpton Rocks An interesting wood land area surrounding a lake, with some good rock formations.  About 1 mile out of Harrogate on the Wetherby Road A661 . Often used for the club picnic/championships (SE 356537)
Conyngham Hall A small area of woods surrounding the River Nidd, where the A59 crosses the river at Knaresborough (SE 345572)
Hell Wath Open, rough open and clumps of woodland, on the banks of the river Skell about 1 mile south-west of Ripon (SE 299699)
Laver Banks Rough open, with scattered woodland on the banks of the river Laver, about 1 mile west of Ripon off the B6265  (SE 292715)