Charles Lewsley Cup

Charles Lewsley was an active and enthusiastic member of Claro and our first ever M80 competitor, a milestone for which he became the Club’s first Honorary member.  He suffered a major heart attack competing at a local orienteering event in 1999.

The Club decided to honour his memory with the purchase of a trophy, the Charles Lewsley Cup, to be awarded to the Claro member who has made the greatest contribution to the Club in the preceding year.  The choice is made by the Committee and the recipient cannot be a member of the Committee.

Roll of Honour

2023     Allen Banister
2022     Jackie & Allen Barnes

2015     Mike Cope
2014     Chris Dicken
2013     Lindsey Hensman
2012     Jemima Parker
2011     Mike Cope
2010     Judith Hind
2009     Allen Barnes
2008     Geoffery Hensman
2007     Phil Headford
2006     Harry Dowdell
2005     Mike Calvert
2004     Tim Moon
2003     Dave Harbour
2002     Jackie Barnes
2001     Chris Dicken
2000     Sue and John Birtwistle