Springtime with Claro

Now the meteorological spring has arrived, and calendar spring isn’t far away, what’s happening at Claro Orienteering.

This Saturday afternoon, 16th March is the next in our series of Junior orienteering events at Jacob Smith Park, Knaresborough. Check out the details here.
A Light Green course will be available for Juniors (and seniors) wanting a go.

On Sunday 17th March, we have a team of 25 headed off to Cumbria to compete in the Compass Sport Trophy. Here’s to a good event – the weather looks kinder than the weekend just gone.

Wednesday 20th March is your last chance of a winter series Lamp-O, 6:30pm in Ripon, details here.
The spring Wednesday evening series using SI timing will start on 17th April, so keep an eye out for it.

Our next regional event will be Dob Park on 14th April. The area has been extended, so longer courses will have a moorland section visiting Snowden Crags. Latest details here.

Plumpton Rocks

“I’ve got a new favourite area!”

“Now that’s why I go orienteering!”

“Very, very fun.”

“Best event of the year.”

“Superb new map.”

“Will remain in my happy memories for years to come!”

“CLARO’s Plumpton Rocks event was wonderful. I’ve never seen so many finishers smiling despite making many mistakes. I crawled through a cave, ran by mistake into a rock passage that ended in a lake and edged along a foot-wide ledge above a 5 metre drop… and that was on the way to number 1.”


It appears everyone enjoyed themselves, despite the rain.  This is what I hoped for.   This event was for fun in a bonkers, entertaining, tiny area – not to be taken too seriously.

We re-mapped, organised, planned and controlled all in the last three weeks so appreciate that nothing went wrong and all the generous comments of thanks.

Lots of you arrived, and ran, early – the impressive Claro team were ready for you.

Results are up.   I would love to witness your experience on RouteGadget and will watch each one avidly – it makes planning worthwhile to see if you did what I expected.

Ruth Ker, Planner

Plumpton Rocks – Middle Distance Race – Sunday 25 November 2018

Claro are delighted to confirm that we will host a Middle Distance Regional Event on 25 November 2018 at Plumpton Rocks near Harrogate (not Ellington Banks as previously suggested due to access issues).

Claro extend many thanks to the owner of this amazing, natural playground, Robert Hunter, for his enthusiasm for our event.  Robert has overseen extensive renovation to Plumpton Rocks over the last few years, so the area is in superb condition.

Map extensively updated by Quentin Harding, Planned by Ruth Ker, Organised by Richard Kirk and all Controlled by David Day.

Courses, all Middle Distance; Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Very Short Green, Short Green, Green, Short Blue and Blue.   The area does not lend itself to a White course however the bold White competitor could tackle Yellow safely as the scope for disappearing is limited (it’s a bounded area with a large lake to go round).

More details

Make the most of this “Indian Summer”

Join us in Knaresborough for the Wednesday evening Lamp-O just after sunset (great views from the Castle hopefully). Don’t forget a torch / high-vis clothing (both essential), and enough cash for a beer afterwards in the Cross Keys (optional). Link from the side bar on the right or here. The car park is free after 18:00 , there is other parking nearby if full.

Claro Weekly News

Claro Harlow Hill Results

Thank you to all the Claro’s who helped plan, organise and run the event at Harlow Hill. A number of you also managed to run, top 10’s were. Will Drewe 2nd and William Hickson 6th on Blue, On Green Allen Banister was 6th and David Gugan 8th , On Short Green Jackie Barnes was 9th and on Very Short Green Philip Judson was 5th and Tim Moon 6th.

Other Claro runners have provided reports below as they helped Yorkshire come third in the Junior Inter-regional Championships and 1st in the Veteran Home internationals.

Coming up

If you are aware of any events I have missed please drop me an e-mail at news@claro-orienteering.org.uk

Autumn Leaves

The second of this season’s Autumn leaves is next week Wednesday 10th starting from Knaresborough Castle. Hi-Viz clothing is compulsory and you advised to bring a torch along with something to write the answers with. The format is a 45-minute score event with 30 controls.

This year’s events are

Date Venue

Wed 10th Oct 18 South Knaresborough Meet at: Knaresborough Castle
Wed 24th Oct 18 Ripon Spa Hotel  – HG4 2BU afterwards at the Turf Tavern
Wed 7th Nov 18 Harrogate
Wed 21st Nov 18 North Knaresborough Meet at: The Mitre
Wed 5th Dec 18 Wetherby

Club AGM

This years club AGM will take place on Wednesday 17th October 2018. At the Kairos Church on Harlow Terrace starting at 7:30 , more details will follow shortly but put the date in your diaries


JIRC Report from Matthew

With Luke & Alex heading off to uni, it was down to me and Lois to be the Claro representatives in the Yorkshire squad at the Junior Inter-Regional Championships last weekend!

Saturday was the individual race at Chatsworth Estate, a varied area, with forested slopes, open moorland and 9ft brambles! It’s probably fair to say that some parts of the map were more enjoyable than others. Overall I had a great time though, it was the furthest course I’ve ever done, over 13km running distance, but it was definitely some good experience! If perhaps a little daunting to see how fast people the same age as me can be. We finished the day in 3rd place, but only 9 points ahead of SWOA.

With 630am alarms reluctantly adhered to, we headed off to the relays at Carsington Pastures, a very fast moorland with depressions everywhere, vaguely similar to Kilnsey. The planning was excellent, so many gaffles that pretty much every runner was on their own personal course! Despite some teams (cough cough Scotland) taking 1 2 3 victories, all of our teams performed really well against tough competition and we were able to fend off the challenge from South-West & South-East, to hold onto our 3rd place finish, for the 5th year in a row!

I had an awesome weekend so a massive thank you to everyone who was involved. As it’s Yorkshire’s turn to host next year, could local knowledge could push us up to 2nd?

Veteran Home Internationals

While Claro club mates valiantly staged the event on Harlow Hill, Ruth Ker and Quentin Harding ducked out of their club duties to don England shirts and run in the Veteran Home Internationals, VHI’s. The England team is made up of just 24 people, two per age group M/W35 to M/W65, selected from performances at pre-specified events in the previous six months. Claro was therefore well represented with two members present.
This year the VHI’s were held on contour rich disused mining spoil heaps in the valleys of South Wales, with an individual event on Saturday followed by a relay on Sunday. This is a competition where everyone counts, so it calls for everyone in the team to finish well without mishap. In the individual, Ruth finished third in W50 while Quentin was second in M55, this helped England to a commanding first day lead over the next team Wales.
The relays are mixed teams of age and genders to achieve defined age totals for which Quentin and Ruth were selected to run together in one of eight England teams. Quentin came home from the first leg to send Ruth out first on the second leg. She handled this pressure well and came back in second place 28 seconds down on the lead. Andy Simpson LeiOC ran a great third leg to bring this team home in first place and gave England a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th teams in the ManWomanMan category.
With the individual and relay results combined, England had an emphatic win the points stand at:
England 284, Wales 175, Scotland 154, Ireland & NI 116

Compass Sport Trophy: Consultation on Very Short Green

Mike Hind has been advised that the compass sport team are consulting about making a change to the Veteran Short Green course for the Compass Sport Cup from 2019 onwards based on feedback on the incompatibility of the participants on this course and the increasing trend in the number of participants, up from 13% of all entrants in 2013 to 16% in 2016.

They are not considering any other changes.

This proposal splits the Veteran Short Green course for scoring purposes and fits together the age categories with as near a fit as practical, based on the running speed ratios in the BOF Rules/Guidelines.


Veteran Short Green would become two small courses,
Max four scorers on in the Cup competition
Max two scorers on in the Trophy competition

Veteran Short Green Course 7A: W60/M70/M75
Running speeds: M70 – 0.57, W60 – 0.53, M75 – 0.5

Veteran Short Green Course 7B: W65+/M80+
Running speeds: W65 – 0.48, W70 – 0.42, M80 – 0.41, W75 – 0.35, M85 – 0.32, W80 – 0.28

So, your thoughts please:

One: Should we do this?
Two: Is the split right
Three: Any other suggestions?

A copy of the current rules can be found here.

If you have any strong feelings about this please can you feed back to Mike at mike.hindATbtinternet.com

Adult Coaching

The Orienteering Foundation are running an adult course on Saturday 10th November cost is a very reasonable £12 for individuals or £6 for groups. Richard is willing to run a group if there are enough takers. There is the option of the LOC event on Holme Fell on the Sunday. Details are here.


Whilst most MTBO events in the UK are long score events I received the following from the BMBO chairman this week.

At long last it looks like we might have a mini MTBO series this year. Ben Martin has finally managed to get permission from the Forestry Commission for an event at Gisburn on 6th October. Whilst Mark Stodgell still has his fingers crossed that the event on Cannock Chase on the 24th November is OK.

So the 2018 series will look like this:
(24th Jun – Rossendale Quarries – Sprint)
6th Oct – Gisburn – Middle
24th Nov – Cannock Chase – Long

The series will be decided on best two from three so still, chance to count.

Full details will be appearing on the BMBO calendar soon.

It has taken a lot of hard work from organisers to get access for these events so please make every effort to support them.

Tony Brand-Barker

The Gisburn event at about an hours drive away would be a good location to try the sport out for those interested and I can supply blank maps from previous events for anyone interested.

Claro Weekly News

Claro Results

Claro runners were spread across the country this weekend.

In the London City races, Quentin Harding was 1st on Saturday and Sunday, Ruth Ker was 5th on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday. Davy Ker was 17th on Saturday pictured in action below.

In Anglesey Matthew Rochester was 24th on Saturday and Luke Parker 26th on Blue, on Sunday Luke was 29th but 6th M18 on Brown. Liz Potterton was 32nd on Saturday and 24th on Sunday on Green.

And last but not least up in The Lakes at Gallopen Mike Hind was 20th on Saturday and 26th on Sunday on Blue, Allen Barnes was 30th on Green and Jackie Barnes 16th on Light Green on the Sunday.

Coming up

If you are aware of any events I have missed please drop me an e-mail at news@claro-orienteering.org.uk

Club League

The club league has been updated and the winners can be seen here on the website. Allen Banister who currently compiles the results needs to step down so he can concentrate on the SI duties he has taken on for the club, so we need a volunteer to take on next years League, all the spreadsheets are set up for 2018/19 and the events chosen they just need populating after the events and lots of training will be given, please speak to Tim or Allen if you are interested.

Club AGM

This years club AGM will take place on Wednesday 17th October 2018. At the Kairos Church on Harlow Terrace starting at 7:30 , more details will follow shortly but put the date in your diaries

Harlow Hill Event 30th September

The next Club event that was due to be a YHOA superleague and championships at Angram is now just a regional event at Harlow Hill due to access problems at Angram. Mike Cope is organising and Graham Ramsden is Planning.

Full details are on the CLARO website. It has the usual timings, and courses are from White to Brown. Parking is in a proper car park at Central House off Otley Road. We were unable to park at RHS Harlow Carr because of a big event on there, which may be worth a visit afterwards. There is a walk to the start and from the finishes which are just off Crag Lane, but not too far.
There are two requests to CLARO members from me as organiser.
First, the event will have a timed out road crossing on Harlow Moor Road, where some courses will cross going towards Valley Gardens and coming back from them. This needs helpers to keep an eye on it. Also, there are two finishes which again means extra helpers. If you can help, and you are not in one of the regular helper teams, or you are not needed in your regular helper team, could you let me know, please? Include any preferences and whether you would like a late or an early run.
The second request is a bit more complicated. The Brown course will have 34 controls which means that split times are not recorded for the last 4 for those using an old style dibber. Competitors on the Brown course will be warned of this in the final details and at registration. They still get a proper finish time and so it is unlikely to worry many with an old dibber. It is also likely that most on the Brown course will have a newer dibber anyway. We are not going to offer newer dibbers to all as CLARO does not have any. However, if someone does ask at registration, I wondered if any CLAROs with newer dibbers would be prepared to let their dibber be borrowed. Perhaps CLARO members who are not competing, or who would be prepared to use a CLARO hire dibber if they are doing a shorter course,. Obviously, this would have to be on the understanding that any loss would have to be paid for at the cost of a replacement dibber – which may put some off.
If any CLARO member can help with either of these requests, please get in touch – mike.cope47@dsl.pipex.com
Mike Cope

Adult Coaching

The Orienteering Foundation are running an adult course on Saturday 10th November cost is a very reasonable £12 for individuals or £6 for groups. Richard is willing to run a group if there are enough takers. There is the option of the LOC event on Holme Fell on the Sunday. Details are here.