Conyngham Saturday 19th December – Results


Day event

Night event

If you were unable to run at the event due to Covid regulations and would like your entry fee refunded please send your bank details to the treasurer.


This event will be held on Saturday 19th December.   The format will include an afternoon local event for those who prefer daylight followed by the night event.   The courses will be the same at both events.   You are welcome to run in either or both events on the same or different courses.

START LISTS:    Day event                                Night event

COVID GUIDELINES: COVID guidelines (summary here) require us to avoid congregating in crowds, even outside, so please do not hang about the carpark, download etc. We are particularly concerned to be seen to be doing the right thing as this is a popular area with dog walkers and the general public.

You must always be courteous and give way to members of the public and other competitors and maintain suitable 2m social distancing as a priority. Even sacrificing a few seconds from your race time if required.
In addition:
when following another competitor please remain at least 10m behind to avoid aerosol inhalation from other competitors
please maintain 2m distance apart at control sites
please move quickly away from control sites.

If you have already entered and paid and wish to change course(s), contact Linda Kelly via Google Forms below.

LOCATION Conyngham
LATITUDE/LONGITUDE 54.009537,-1.475201
LINKS Streetmap
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DIRECTIONS: On the A59 from Harrogate turn left into the carpark after bridge over the River Nidd. On the A59 from the east go through Knaresborough town centre, turn left towards Harrogate at the first mini roundabout and keep left (straight on) at the second. After about 200m turn right into the carpark.

PARKING: Parking is in a large public carpark which requires payment before 6pm (40p per hour).  The carpark is liable to be very popular for the day event – if it is full there is alternative public parking around Knaresborough. Competitors are reminded that it is their personal responsibility to comply with the Participant Code of Conduct and to exercise courtesy towards the public.

TOILET: The public toilets in the carpark close between 5-6pm. Competitors are reminded of the Participant Code of Conduct and to bring their own facemask and sanitiser for personal use.

Course          Controls           Length         Climb
Beginner      8                        0.8 km          10 m
Short            12                      2.3 km          45 m
Medium     15                      2.9 km          70 m
Long            17                      4.3 km          85 m

YHOA NIGHT LEAGUE:  This night event is no longer part of the YHOA Night League as we need competitors to prioritise COVID security.

TERRAIN: A mixture of parkland and runnable woodland with some small crags. The area is bisected by the River Nidd which must only be crossed at the two bridges:

Road bridge: exercise extreme caution when crossing the car park access road and use the pavement.
Footbridge: You must always be courteous and give way to members of the public and other competitors and maintain suitable 2m social distancing as a priority. The footbridge may be slippery.

Please be careful on slippery or uneven ground, crags, roots, fences etc.

MAP: 1:4000, 5m contours, printed on waterproof paper. The Long course is 2 sided.

CONTROL DESCRIPTIONS: Will not be available loose at the start although they will be on your map. You can print off from this PDF file.

START TIMES:  2.00-2.30pm for the Afternoon Event   AND    4.30-5.30pm for the Night Event. There is no Registration at this event – please proceed directly to the Start for your allocated Start window time.

COURSES CLOSE: Day event 3.30PM / Night event 6.30PM

SI DIBBER HIRE: Please collect from Download.

START, FINISH, DOWNLOAD: Start and Finish are both close to the North west end of the carpark.  Download is adjacent to the car park. Please see the map below.
Please do not join the start or download queues if there are already six people there. Maintain social distancing at all times.

START: Please join the correct queue and use the hand sanitiser available at the start of the queue.  The queue is marked out by stakes with clear and check boxes on those stakes.  Please have your dibber number ready to confirm to the start official and be ready to start in about 1 minute of reaching the front of the queue. Please try to not touch boxes in the start lane or on the course.
Route to start

SIAC: The controls will be SIAC enabled.  You will need to punch at the start and finish.  Please punch with your dibber only and avoid touching the SI box with your hands if possible.

ENTRIES: Pre-entries only. No entry on the day.
Please use the Google Forms below and note especially the COVID requirements.
Day event entry                      Night event entry

Entries will close at 21:00 on 17th Dec. Since the area will probably be busy during the daytime we are limiting entry numbers for the day event.
COVID Guidance: Please read the following COVID guidance prior to attending this event.
SAFETY: A comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out by the organiser, however competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. Please read the safety briefing which will be displayed at the Start. Whistles, full leg cover and clothing suitable for the weather conditions are compulsory.  Please carry an adequate torch if participating at night. All competitors who start must report to download even if they retire.

In the event of cancellation, details will be posted on the Claro website – Information can also be obtained by phoning the organiser. First aid kit will be available at Download. Water will not be provided at the Finish – please bring your own.

RESULTS: These will be posted on the Claro website

PHOTOGRAPHY: In accordance with the British Orienteering Safeguarding Procedures, the organiser of this event requires that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should register their details with the organiser before carrying out any such photography. The organiser reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the organiser’s conditions. The club policy is here.

Pre-event Organiser: Liz Drewe (CLARO)
On the day Organisers: Quentin Harding & Ruth Ker (CLARO)
Planner: Will Drewe CLARO
Controller: David Day CLARO