Autumn Lamp-O Details

Claro LampO Autumn Series 2020  ( pdf version for printing)

This autumn series of 5 events will be staged to provide an event familiar in style to previous LampOs  staged by Claro, however there are a number of changes that have been made to enable for us to conform to BO event guidelines in these Covid dominated times. To this end, we expect anyone taking part to abide by the BO Participant Code of Conduct. The intention is to still provide an event that is orienteering fun, provides some organised exercise while providing that safety from being within an event that checks that you have returned safely.

Unfortunately, as the events are on public roads, juniors (Under 16s) can only take part if they are accompanied by an adult in that child’s bubble, this is due to BOF insurance requirements.

Entry to this event is by Pre-Entry only via a link at the end of these details.

As the event guidelines and national/local covid situation are liable to change, please check back with this web site page to see if there have been any changes prior to travelling to each event.

 Remember to bring:

High viz/reflective clothing, head torch, watch and either pen/pencil/sharpie (For the paper method) or a charged smart phone(For the MapRun method)

Remember to keep safe:

These events will cover urban areas that require the crossing of roads. Please cross safely.

Remember to keep your distance:

Respect the space of other competitors, helpers and other members of the public

Event Format

Each event will consist of a 45 minute score event with a start time at 6:30pm. There will be a separate start for each person with at least their own 2m space in a parkland like area in groups of six people. Late arrivals will be allowed to start individually up until 06:45pm.

Prior to each event you will be provided with an open area place to meet. When you arrive there you will see an array of cones on the ground spaced 2m or more apart. When ready, and no later than 6:25pm, stand by a vacant cone. Shadowed juniors should stand with their shadow. Hand sanitisier will be available for you to use en route to a cone. Under each cone will be a map and a control card. Please read the back of the map which will have the last minute briefing notes. If you are using MapRun leave the control card under the cone.

Those using control cards will be started first by a short blast on a whistle. Those using MapRun will then be started. They will need to run a short distance to their start point, their time starts from when they register at that start point. This is also the MapRun finish point which is slightly away from the paper method finish.

The map provided at your start will identify 30 controls all of which are lampposts. The objective is to visit as many of these 30 control points and be back at the finish point within the 45 minutes. 20 points are awarded for each different control visited, if you return after the 45 minutes is up then there is a penalty of 10 points for each minute or part minute late.

The maps used are from Open Orienteering Maps of which this is a sample.
These are simplified orienteering maps mainly showing roads and paths,
also included are indications of open or wooded areas but not all are mapped.
The position of the lamppost relative to a feature(s) is indicated by a dot in the centre of the circle.


Punching Methods

To help to minimise the need for contact we will be providing two ways in which you can register your progress around the course:

  • Paper Method: By recording the number on the lamppost at the centre of the control circle onto the control card provided using a pen that you must supply. Please write the answer in the box numbered for that control, ie if you are visiting control numbered 10 on the and the number on that lamppost is 123, then write 123 in box 10.   After a short briefing you will be told to start. You will be timed through the finish upon your return.
  • Smartphone or Garmin App Method: Using MapRun to record your progress. For those that have tried some of the MapRuns over the summer this will be very similar. If you have not and would like to give it a go then try any of the events beforehand via:

The course for these LampOs will be available for download in advance of the event, however you will not be able to see the course as it will be PIN protected. At the event you will find a map at your start point. On the back will be the MapRun event name and PIN number printed at the top along with any event briefing notes. The PIN number will allow you into the course once it has been downloaded and you tap ‘Go to Start’ within MapRun. When told that you can start, you will run to a point identified to you that will then record that you have started. This will also be the finish.

If when you get to a control point it does not register, this can be because you are in the wrong place or the GPS accuracy is insufficient. If the latter case then this will be awarded after the event has finished and you should carry on your course and not waste any more time.

You can choose which method you would like to use at each event up until the point of starting.

Finish & Results

When you get to the finish please quickly move away so as not to group. People using the paper method need to make their presence known and a time will be shouted out. You should write this time on your control card and then hand it in to a box near the finish. The time keeper will also try to keep a note of these finish times.

MapRun runners just need to run through their finish to register their time. Their time, score and route will be automatically uploaded to the MapRun server. They should only need to talk to the finish team if there was a control that didn’t register.

The results from the two methods will be compiled in to one list and published on this website. The method used paper or Maprun will be indicated on the results.

These events have deliberately been planned not to start/finish at a pub/bar. However once the event has finished there are such places in the vicinity that up to groups of up to 6 can meet if they personally wish to do so.

Events Planned in Series

All events start at 6:30pm. Individual late starters will be accommodated only up to 6:45pm

Date Venue Grid Reference What3Words Post Code Organiser MapRun Name
07/10/20 Harrogate, Stray SE315555 ///itself.thing.locate HG1 4ST Quentin Harding HarrogateSE
21/10/20 Harrogate, Bilton, Hall Lane SE306573 ///swatting.toasted.muddy HG1 3BN Linda Kelly HarrogateBilton
04/11/20 Harrogate, Harlow  Terrace, Kairos Church Hall SE295547 ///sweat.launch.voters HG2 0PQ Ruth Ker HarrogateNW
18/11/20 Ripon, Victoria Grove SE313713 ///timer.ticking.buggy HG4 1AG David Day RiponNorth
09/12/20 Knaresborough, Knaresborough Pool SE353567 ///lamppost.lazy.intrigued HG5 8EB John Lebeter KnaresboroughCentral

The RIPON event is now being run as an  individual MapRun activity see the details HERE

The MapRun events are PIN protected, this PIN will be given on the back of the Map at prestart on the evening.

The location of all the events can be viewed on this  MAP

Any non-entry queries to:



Entry to the events is by pre-entry only via the following Google form. There will be a limit of 30 entries allowed to ensure that spacing can be maintained. Entry needs to be made before  5pm on the Monday before the event if entering events individually.

The events can be entered individually at a cost of  £3 per event OR you can enter all 5 events at once for £10:

Any Entry enquiries to:

The full name and contact phone number for each competitor is required and may be shared with NHS Test and Trace.

Payment preferably by bank transfer to the following account:

Account Name: Claro Orienteering Club BIA
Sort code: 30 93 91
Account No: 00419604
Reference: LampO and Surname

If this is a problem there will probably be a card machine available on the evening for card payments or cash can be used but no change will be given.