Dob Park 13Feb2022 Middle Distance (YHOA Superleague)




British Orienteering

Planners Comments – Liz Potterton

Thank you to everyone for coming today despite the grim weather (132 of the 150 entered turned up)  – I hope you did not regret it.  It’s a shame that we did not have the event in  November when I had several lovely days checking courses – the woods were very pretty and dry (by local standards). Unfortunately then Storm Arwen took down quite a few trees and later  the the trail bikes created some very muddy paths.  We had to replan the end of the yellow and very short green courses as the path to their original finish was turned into a quagmire.  
Dob Park has a lot of detail which is good for middle distance events but because of the steep slopes its inevitable that direction changes on courses would increase climb.  I opted to minimise the climb and keep the courses well within length guidelines but then a lot of folk chose to run up.
Many thanks to all the Claro helpers who worked through a cold, wet morning.  We intentionally had reduced start times (just 90minutes) and early course closing (just 60minutes after last start) to make it easier for helpers in February weather and also to give us maximum time if we needed to find a missing competitor.  We will probably do the same for future events so please note the closing time and start early.
Particular thanks to John Birtwistle for organising and to Allen Banister who controlled despite having now moved up to Northern Navigators territory and spending January in Australia. 
Our best wishes to Cecelia Dean who injured her arm in a fall – we hope it mends quickly. Thanks to Jill Smith for helping Cecelia back to the carpark.

Controller Allen Banister adds..

I hope the children tackling the yellow course today managed to find their way OK. The ground conditions generally, and particularly the appearance of new “paths” following a recent motorcycle competition made it a tough course. We did some last minute “gardening” to help keep the route a bit clearer, but well done to you all for finishing. 

From the Organiser – John Birtwistle

Many thanks again to the landowner Mike Hinch for giving us free rein over both parts of Dob Park.
A slick team effort made organising relatively straightforward and limiting entry numbers enabled us to safely accommodate everyone in the limited car park.
A couple of Lost Items – 1 pair of small black gloves and 1 Silva compass – please call me on 07711 646990 to get reunited 

LOCATION Dob Park Road
LATITUDE/LONGITUDE 53.945513, -1.702738
LINKS Streetmap
OS GRID REFERENCE SE 196 499 (Parking) SE 195 492 (Road junction)

DIRECTIONS: The area is approximately 3 miles north of Otley. You should approach from the South/West via Dob Park Road, which is a north turn off the Askwith Moor Road (between Otley and the A59 at Blubberhouses). It will be signed from the turn at Grid reference SE 195 492.
Do not attempt to approach from the North East (via a rough track and ford) even if your satnav suggests this.
The minor road (Dob Park Road) down from the signed junction is single track and we ask everyone to arrive before 12 and to delay leaving until after 12.  In the event of ice and snow this road may be very difficult – check here after about 8.30 Sunday morning.

Start blocks will be confirmed after pre-entry.
Starts:10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Courses close: 1.30 pm

ENTRIES: Pre-entries only at Racesignup before midnight Sunday 6th Feb.

  • Very Short Green and above: Senior £9, Juniors and full time students £3
  • Yellow & Orange: £3
  • Maximum family entry charge: £21
  • SI dibber hire: Senior £1 , Juniors and full time students 50p

ELECTRONIC PUNCHING. SportIdent (SI) punching will be used for all courses. Hire dibbers will be available. Controls will be enabled for SIAC touch-free punching.
No course has more than 30 controls.


The appropriate course for each age class in the YHOA league is given below.  This follows the YHOA Superleague rules except M80 is on Very Short Green instead of Short Green.  Note that Very Short Green has been planned to stay in the less physical parts of the area.

Course Length(k) Climb(m) Controls Women Men
Yellow 1.1 75 10 W10 M10
Orange 2.2 60 11 W12 M12
Light green 2.3 60 13 W14 M14
Very short green 1.5 60 13 W70 W75 W80 M80
Short green 2.2 80 17 W55 W60 W65 M75
Green 2.9 100 20 W16 W45 W50 M65 M70
Blue 3.2 105 24 W35 W40 M16 M55 M60
Brown 3.5 130 25 W21 W18 W20 M45 M50
Black 4.3 140 29   M18 M20 M21 M35 M40

TERRAIN: The area is a detailed mixed forest with some steep slopes and scattered rocks. It is mostly runnable with rock, vegetation and contour detail. Several areas of conifer have been felled and are being replanted – some are fairly well cleared and runnable. To avoid excessive climb many legs are contouring and the courses are not as wiggly as ideal for middle distance.

The yellow and very short green courses are entirely in the eastern part of the area with mostly runnable beech wood. There is a stream crossing on yellow that might need wellies if you want to keep dry feet.

MAP: 1:7,500 scale with 5m contours for all courses; printed on waterproof paper.
Note Yellow and Very Short Green will be on 1:5000 scale maps.

START: The start is adjascent to the car park.

FINISH:The finish for yellow and very short green is adjascent to the car park, for other courses it is about 400m down a good track.

COMPETITOR INFORMATION: The area is  wet and steep in places and can be slippery. There are some rocky areas. The uncrossable marsh marked at the south-west end of the wood is just that – the courses avoid it. Please note that the in some places the holly and rhododendron bushes and marshes are more extensive than shown on the map.   Storm Arwen has felled a few trees and a trail bike competition has left trails and made some paths muddy.
All longer courses cross the farm access road with very little traffic. There is one crossing point close to the car park which is not manned.

FACILITIES: Portable toilets will be provided. Drinking water will not be provided, please bring your own.

DOGS: No dogs, please. The local farmers are very insistent on this.

SAFETY: A comprehensive risk assessment will be carried out by the organiser, but competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. All competitors who start must report to download even if they retire. Whistles and full leg cover are compulsory. Waterproof jackets may be compulsory in the case of bad weather. In the unlikely event of cancellation, details will be posted on the Claro website – Information can also be obtained by phoning the organiser.
If you have a medical condition that first aiders should know about in an emergency, please contact the organiser with details before the event, or fill in a form at registration. These details will only be used for the purposes of this event and can be collected or will otherwise be deleted/destroyed afterwards.

INSURANCE: Please note that if you are not a member of an orienteering club affiliated to British Orienteering then you are not covered by our public liability insurance except if you are a newcomer to orienteering, in which case you are covered for three registered orienteering events without joining. Please ask any of our club officials for more information if you would like to join CLARO.

RESULTS: These will be posted on the Claro website www.claro When entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.

PHOTOGRAPHY: In accordance with the British Orienteering Policy Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults, the organiser of this event requires that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should register their details with the organiser before carrying out any such photography. The organiser reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the organiser’s conditions.

Organiser: John Birtwistle (CLARO)
Planner: Liz Potterton (CLARO)
Controller: Allen Banister (CLARO)