Sun Sep 11th: Ripon City races

This is half of the North Yorkshire Urban weekend based on the beautiful Yorkshire cathedral city of Ripon and the equally beautiful Yorkshire castle town of Richmond. Both offer challenging orienteering around the narrow streets and ginnels of the centres. Richmond is part of the UK Urban League, Ripon part of the Yorkshire Urban League. See the CLOK website (here) for details of the Saturday event in Richmond. It is possible to do the weekend by public transport, with bus links to the East Coast Mainline and a connecting service on the Saturday afternoon – see below.

LOCATIONSpa Park, Church Lane, opposite St Wilfrid’s Primary School.

ENTRIES: via Race Signup. To guarantee your map, pre-enter by midnight Sunday Sep 4th when entries will close temporarily whilst map numbers are calculated. Entries will then be re-opened from Monday Sep 5th evening through to Friday Sep 9th 5pm, with course numbers limited to the maps available, and the late/EOD supplement payable. There will be EOD as well, until maps run out!

TIMINGS: Starts: 1030-1230 for seniors, 1030-1130 for juniors owing to marshalled crossings.
Courses close: 1400hrs.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: There is a regular (even on Sunday) direct bus service from Leeds and Harrogate to the centre of Ripon (route 36). First bus leaves Leeds at 0815, arriving Ripon 0940 (the Harrogate-Ripon service starts even earlier!). In both Leeds and Harrogate the bus station is close to the rail station. See Transdev. If you are coming from the CLOK Richmond event then there is a bus on Saturday afternoon run by Proctors. And you can get to Richmond from Darlington (on the East Coast main line) by Arriva bus.

CAR PARKING: Some on-street parking is available in the vicinity of assembly. However, as it is a Sunday and there are at least 4 active churches within 300m of the park, places may be limited. Best options are likely to be along Studley Road and Clotherholme Road to the west – please park considerately and only along one side of the road (the south). There are a number of car parks available in Ripon. Blossomgate is the nearest, and free, but is very small. Marshall Street car park has a 3-hour maximum stay.

THE AREA: The senior courses will explore the intricate network of streets, ginnels and parks of this historic city, as well as extending into some of Ripon’s more interesting outer areas. Courses 6 and 7 will be run entirely within the grounds of the grammar school, and a neighbouring primary school, so are suitable for those under 16. For all, the emphasis will be on rapid and accurate decision making with route choice at a premium; actual distances run will be up to 60% further than the straight line distances listed (eg, provisional shortest running distance for course 1 is 12km); courses 7 and 8 will be planned sprint-style.

COURSES: provisional details are below, subject to refinement and controlling. Distances given are straight line: shortest running distance for senior courses are all 50-60% further (eg Course 1 = 12km); junior courses run 30-35% further. Anybody may enter any course, but, if you wish to be part of the Yorkshire and Humberside Urban League, and/or measure yourself against your age peers, you should run the relevant course for your class as listed below. Adult beginners are recommended to run one of courses 5 or 6, although all senior courses are planned to the same technical standard.

CourseMen’s classesWomen’s classesKmClimbControls
Course 1Men Open 7.690m36
Course 2Men Vet (40+)Women Open6.585m33
Course 3Men Supervet (55+)Women Vet (40+)5.565m29
Course 4Men Ultravet (65+)Women Supervet (55+)4.875m25
Course 5Men Hypervet (75+)Women Ultravet (65+)3.440m19
Course 6Women Hypervet (75+)2.835m16
Course 7Men Junior (16-)Women Junior (16-)2.815m23
Course 8Men Young Junior (12-)Women Young Junior (12-)2.210m18

MAP: 1:4000 A3/A3+ for senior courses, 1:3000/A4 for junior courses. Courses 1-2 and 7-8 will use a double-sided map.

ELECTRONIC PUNCHING. SportIdent (SI) punching will be used for all courses. Hire dibbers will be available. Controls will be enabled for SIAC touch-free punching. Note that courses 1-3 have 30 or more controls which is more than some old dibbers can handle.

START: There will be 2 starts: the Far Start, for courses 1-3, 7-8, is 900m from assembly; the Near Start, for courses 4-6, is 350m from assembly.

FINISH: immediately adjacent to assembly.

FACILITIES: the nearest available toilets are in Spa Gardens, adjacent to the Near Start and 350m from assembly. Spa Gardens cafe, at the same location, will be open. There are no toilets between assembly and the Far Start.

RESULTS: It is intended to have live on-line results available. Final results will be posted on the Claro website at
When entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.

DOGS: No dogs on the courses, please.


INSURANCE: Please note that if you are not a member of an orienteering club affiliated to British Orienteering then you are not covered by our public liability insurance except if you are a newcomer to orienteering, in which case you are covered for three registered orienteering events without joining. Please ask any of our club officials for more information if you would like to join CLARO.

PHOTOGRAPHY: In accordance with the British Orienteering Policy Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults, the organiser of this event requires that any person wishing to engage in any
video, zoom or close range photography should register their details with the organiser before carrying out any such photography. The organiser reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the organiser’s conditions.


All enquiries:

Organiser: Arthur Clarke (CLARO)

Planner: Andrew Kelly (CLARO)

Controller: David Day (CLARO)