Wetherby Urban 28 May 2017


Important Notice:  the results have been updated as some competitors have declared themselves non-competitive as a result of crossing uncrossable features.
Course results, class results and ranking points now updated.
YUL still to be updated.
Routegadget will be left unchanged.

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Some photos by Brian Ward

Webcam footage from Tony Udris

Organiser’s Comments

I was really pleased to be able to offer comfortable and commodious indoor facilities courtesy of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School with the Start and Finish close by – all less than 10 minutes from Wetherby Town Centre. The warm sunshine and the adjoining recreation area gave pleasant opportunities for picnics, post-race relaxation on the grass and spectating as runners darted in and out of the School buildings. All this and Allen Banister’s brand new map coupled with Ruth Ker’s challenging and ingenious courses brought our total attendees up to 230. This was very gratifying.

There were a couple of worries. The first concern was that 2 loos were not really enough for you all: I am sorry that at times there was a bit of a wait for your comfort.  Secondly, although our Event Details stated that our Registration and Start Times would begin half an hour later than usual, we found that many competitors seemed to appear at the usual times and a queue started to form. I was very proud to see that the CLARO Team were really up to simply pulling everything forward by about 25 minutes and getting people out into the competition area.

I hope that your Wetherby experience was enjoyable and (for those of you orienteering on Monday) put you in a positive frame of mind to enjoy the other Yorkshire Event (wherever it was) this Bank Holiday.

Richard Kirk

Planner’s Comments:

I really hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I spent sunny hours both in Wetherby and pouring over PurplePen, endlessly fiddling with the infinite possibilities before me. A new urban area offers a tantalising opportunity when no-one has a clue what is ahead. I believe Wetherby came as quite a surprise to our many visitors which is what I hoped for. Whoever first thought to use it – good call.

I saw many visitors: 35 different clubs were represented from as far afield as the Kingdom of Fife (who knew?!), Southampton and East Anglia.

There was the usual range of minor gripes and many heartfelt compliments. Please remember, on finishing, that a bunch of volunteers have worked hard to create a fun day out for you and moan sensitively!

The Education Spot. For those who don’t know. The rules in urban races are different to countryside O. In the countryside you may choose to take on any obstacle nature has thrown in your way, unless purple lined or something on your map. In an urban area you may not. If the map says it is uncrossable you do not cross it even if you have the climbing ability of a monkey or swimming ability of a dolphin. These are the rules – you do not use your discretion when you get there. There may be all sorts of reasons you do not know about why this is so. It is also the game and a disqualifiable offence. It is your job as an urban orienteer to learn the uncrossable symbols (not difficult – they are solid and thick) and stick to the rules.

Moan over. What a day. We organised perfect weather, a superb event centre, jolly tricky courses (very few clean runs – please, please put your run on route gadget, I would love to watch it) and participant numbers to make good money for the club.

Thank you all. A small club punching above our weight I’d say.




Organiser: Richard Kirk (CLARO) (07871 755311)
Email: dickthelawyer@gmail.com
Planner: Ruth Ker (CLARO)
Controller: Allen Banister (CLARO)