Beecroft-Timble Results (Sep 24th)


Final Details are here. Please check here before travelling if there has been a lot of rain.

Pre-entries are available until Thursday Sep 21st midnight, subject to map availability. After this time, entries on the day only, again whilst maps are available.

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Beecroft is a beautiful mixed woodland not visited since 2017, and much changed! It has been significantly improved from an orienteering point of view after recent forestry work, clearing much undergrowth and storm damage throughout. The map, is completely new, resurveyed and redrawn in August 2023 by Andrew Kelly.

All courses finish in the northern, rarely used, section of Timble. The short courses (yellow, orange and very short green) will be solely in Timble using some intesting little paths and runnable areas. These courses will cross a narrow part of the stream at good stepping stones. It has not been possible to plan a white course, and short green should be accessible to confident light green competitors. The courses starting at the Far start in Beecroft will have a timed out road crossing.

These are final course lengths. For all other information, please see final details.

YellowNear1.6k 35m9
OrangeNear2.4k 50m11
Very Short GreenNear1.9k 35m9
Short GreenFar3.0k 65m16
GreenFar4.0k 80m18
BlueFar5.0k 125m21
Short BrownFar6.1k 145m24

Where’s the ruin?

There are some interesting ruins in Timble and there will be a small competition, with a prize, to place them on the map – collect entry form at enquiries. Family or travel companions entries allowed (and recommended).