Call for club entries for the CompassSport Trophy Event

Sun 18th Feb – Gilling, Ampleforth.

To enter, contact Quentin before Feb 3rd – see further details in this post.

Hopefully you will read in our weekly club newsletter that Claro are taking part in the qualifying  round of the CompassSport Trophy (CST) on Sunday 18th February. The Compass Sport Trophy is a national inter-club competition, and this qualifying round involves all of the clubs from the north east of England.  As a small orienteering club, Claro will be competing in the small club category which requires us to have finishers in all the different ages and gender groups.

The intention is to have some good orienteering, provide support for those new to orienteering, and have a sociable day. We will have a club tent or two, cakes, and club kit. The more people we have involved the better, should we successfully beat all the other small clubs then will go through to the national final in October just over the Pennines near Clitheroe. 

This event is taking place in Gilling Woods near Ampleforth, approximately 30 miles from Harrogate. We would encourage you to share transport as much as possible 

This is not just for the fast young men and women of our club, the competition is divided into 10 different age groups and to get our maximum potential score we need at least two people to score in each group. The groups are:

Group 1   Brown Men, Open
Group 2   Short Brown, M20- M40+
Group 3  Blue Women, Women Open
Group 4  Blue Men, M50+
Group 5  Green Women, W20- W45+ 
Group 6  Green Men, M60+
Group 7  Veterans Short Green, M70+ W60+
Group 8A  Junior Men (Green), Men 18- 
Group 8B  Junior Women (Short Green), Women 18-
Group 9A  Orange Men, Men 14- 
Group 9B  Orange Women, Women 14-
Group 10  Super Veterans Short Green M80+ W70+    

The range of courses on offer in the CompassSport Trophy are Orange to Brown, for those looking to take part on a White or Yellow course these are also on offer but are outside the competition. Please still email me through your details if you would like to run one of these two courses. 

All our club’s entries can only be made via myself, there is no separate entry system. These entries need to be in by 3rd February, so please don’t delay email me, quentinh AT 

Name,   Age Class,   Dibber number,     BOF number,    and whether you would like to share transport  

The club will pick up the cost of entry. I will also try and help co-ordinate transport for those interested.

Details of the event will appear on the Eborienteers website, this includes course lengths. You can find these here:

CompassSport Cup and Trophy, 18th Feb 2024, qualifying heat – Eborienteers Orienteering

To wet your appetite, you can look at a map of the areas from events there in 2022 here:

White Rose 2022 Classic 2022-08-28 (

Email me if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you,

quentinh AT