Claro League 2022 update after 5 events

The Club League for 2022 has been set up to include 12 events, 11 of them home grown Claro events, The twelth was the CompassSport Trophy Heat where we had an amazing 44 club runners attend.

This league recognises that those new to orienteering, and the ones who have been doing it for too long, are not the fastest and so the calculated score is based on your result, your age, your gender and how experienced an orienteer you are. In addition, to spread the happiness around more club members, we have changed the rules so that an individual can only win the trophy once in each each group and not in consecutive years when changing age groups.

To qualify you just need to be a member of Claro for this year and take part in any of the events listed on the main league page, in any of the courses on offer. Your best seven scores from the twelve events will put you in the running for one of the two trophies pictured above. One trophy is for a senior member, the other for a junior member.  The league summary will be updated shortly after each event so you can see how you are doing.

To see how the scores are developing, with, please browse the main Club League 2022 page.


We’ve had an amazing start, after just five of the league events we’ve seen 52 different club members take part with a total of 141 individual runs. 10 people have enjoyed every event and leading the field at this early stage is Andrew Kelly for the seniors and Luke Fry for the juniors. With best seven scores to count there is still lots of time for things to change.