Events shown here are those organised by Claro or other relevant ones such as Compass Sport cup. Results from other races can be obtained from the British Orienteering web site, and from those of our neighbouring clubs, via our links page.  Results from previous years are in the Results Archive.
Results of level D events can be found on the events page – Wednesday Evening, or the latest Junior series using the links on the right or from Claro Events.

SportIdent (SI) Card (or “Dibber”) Issues

Date Event Link
24-Nov-19 Brimham, YHOA Middle Distance Champs Results
16-Nov-19 Hell Wath Night Results
21-Aug-19 Knaresborough Race the Castles Results
26-May 19 Ripon Urban Results
14 Apr 19 Dob Park Results
1 Dec 18 Valley Gardens Night Results
25 Nov 18 Plumpton Rocks Middle Distance Results
30 Sept 18 Harlow Hill Regional Results
27 May 18 Knaresborough Urban Results
19 Nov 17 Swinsty and Beecroft Results
11 Nov 17 YHOA Night League, Conyngham Hall Results
24 Sept 17 Hookstone Woods Results
28 May 17 Wetherby Urban Results
26 Mar 17 Lindley Moor Results
27 Nov 16 Dob Park Results
19 Nov 16 YHOA Night League, Hookstone Results
25 Sep 16 Harlow Hill and Harlow Carr Results
19 Jun 16 RHS Harlow Carr Father’s Day Results
4 Jun 16 CompassSport Cup/Trophy, Timble Ings Results
29 May 16 Ripon Yorkshire Urban League Results
28 Nov 15 YHOA Night League, Killinghall Moor Results
22 Nov 15 Brimham Rocks Results
13 Sep 15 Hanging Moor Results
21 Jun 15 RHS Harlow Carr Event Results
24 May 15 Knaresborough Urban Results
19 Apr 15 Hookstone Results
7 Dec 14 Dob Park Results
29 Nov 14 Hookstone Night Event Results
21 Sep 14 Lindley Moor Results
8 Aug 14 RHS Harlow Carr Results
25 May 14 YHOA Urban League, Jennyfields Results
27 Apr 14 Yvette Baker Heat, Valley Gardens Results
16 Feb 14 Compass Sport Cup, Guisecliff Results

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