Events shown here are those organised by Claro or other relevant ones such as Compass Sport Cup. Results from other races can be obtained from the British Orienteering web site, and from those of our neighbouring clubs, via our links page. Results from previous years are in the Results Archive.

SportIdent (SI) Card (or “Dibber”) Issues

Series/ DateEventVenue
May-Jul 24Summer Evenings seriesvarious
Sep 23-Jun 24Family Events seriesvarious
28 Apr 24Northern ChampionshipsKilnsey South
11 Feb 24Regional eventGuisecliff Routegadget
Sep-Dec 23Autumn Evenings seriesseries link
18 Nov 23YH Night LeagueValley Gardens Routegadget
24 Sep 23Regional eventBeecroft
15-16 Jul 23EuroCityHarrogate
Apr-JunSummer Evenings seriesseries link
14 Apr 23Taster DayHarlow Carr
12 Feb 23YH Middle ChampsBrimham Rocks Routegadget
Jan-Mar 23Winter Evenings series series link
20 Nov 22Regional eventEllington Banks Routegadget
19 Nov 22YH Night LeagueBrimham Rocks Routegadget
Nov22-Apr23Junior League seriesseries link
Sep-Dec 22Autumn Evenings seriesseries link
11 Sep 22YH Urban LeagueRipon City Routegadget
2 Sep 22Taster DayHarlow Carr
3 & 23 AugFamily daysBrimham Rocks
Apr-Jul 22Summer seriesSeries Link
Nov21-Apr22Junior League seriesSeries Link
Jan-Mar 22Winter Blues seriesResults
13 Feb 22Regional eventDob Park
Sep-Dec 21Autumn Leaves seriesResults
20 Nov 21YH Night LeaguePinewoods
10 Oct 21YH Middle ChampsPlumpton Rocks
12 Sep 21Regional eventTimble Ings
Jun-Jul 21Summer seriesResults
26 Jun 21Junior eventsResults
9 May 21YH Urban LeagueJennyfields
11 Apr 21Local eventDob Park
2 Apr 21Harewell (Summerbridge) Rural MaprunResults
1 Jan 21Smelthouses New Year Day EventResults
19 Dec 20Conyngham (Day and Night Events)Results
Oct-Dec 20Autumn Leaves seriesResults
27 Sep 20HookstoneResults
Jul-Aug 20Back to Orienteering series  Results
May-Jul 20Summer Maprun seriesResults
Sep-Dec 19Autumn LeavesResults
24 Nov 19Brimham – YHOA Middle Distance ChampsResults
16 Nov 19Hell Wath NightResults
22 Sep 19Hollin Head (Ellington Banks)Results
Junior SeriesJunior League 2019/20Series Link
21 Aug 19Knaresborough Race the CastlesResults
26 May 19Ripon UrbanResults
Spring SeriesSpring/Summer 2019Spring-O 2019
14 Apr 19Dob ParkResults
Lamp-OWinter 2019Winter Street O 2019
1 Dec 18Valley Gardens NightResults
25 Nov 18Plumpton Rocks Middle DistanceResults
Lamp-OAutumn 2018Autumn Street O 2018
Junior SeriesJunior League 2018/19Series Link
30 Sept 18Harlow Hill RegionalResults
27 May 18Knaresborough UrbanResults
Spring SeriesSpring/Summer 2018Spring O 2018
Lamp-OWinter 2018Winter Street O 2018
19 Nov 17Swinsty and BeecroftResults
11 Nov 17YHOA Night League, Conyngham HallResults
Junior Series Junior League 2017/18Series Link
Lamp-OAutumn 2017Autumn Street O 2017
24 Sept 17Hookstone WoodsResults
28 May 17Wetherby UrbanResults
Spring SeriesSpring/Summer 2017Spring-O 2017
26 Mar 17Lindley MoorResults
Lamp-OWinter 2017Winter Street O 2017
27 Nov 16Dob ParkResults
19 Nov 16YHOA Night League, HookstoneResults
Lamp-OAutumn 2016Autumn Street O Series
Junior SeriesJunior League 2016/17Series Link
25 Sep 16Harlow Hill and Harlow CarrResults
19 Jun 16RHS Harlow Carr Father’s DayResults
4 Jun 16CompassSport Cup/Trophy, Timble IngsResults
29 May 16Ripon Yorkshire Urban LeagueResults
Spring SeriesSpring/Summer 2016Spring Series 2016
Lamp-OWinter 2016Winter Blues Street O
28 Nov 15YHOA Night League, Killinghall MoorResults
22 Nov 15Brimham RocksResults
Lamp-OAutumn 2015Autumn Leaves Street O
13 Sep 15Hanging MoorResults
21 Jun 15RHS Harlow Carr EventResults
24 May 15Knaresborough UrbanResults
Spring SeriesSpring/Summer 2015Spring-O
19 Apr 15HookstoneResults
Lamp-OWinter 2015Winter Blues
7 Dec 14Dob ParkResults
29 Nov 14Hookstone Night EventResults
Lamp-OAutumn 2014Autumn Leaves
21 Sep 14Lindley MoorResults
8 Aug 14RHS Harlow CarrResults
25 May 14YHOA Urban League, JennyfieldsResults
Spring SeriesSpring/Summer 2014Spring Flowers
27 Apr 14Yvette Baker Heat, Valley GardensResults
16 Feb 14Compass Sport Cup, GuisecliffResults
Lamp-OWinter 2014Winter Blues
Lamp-OAutumn 2013Autumn Leaves